Thursday, February 06, 2014

Not Much Ado About Nothing

I have been off reading "lifestyle" blogs once again.  It started with me wanting to find a few new blogs to read.  I kind of think of the blogs as "daily letters from friends I don't know".   It would be super great if I actually did get daily letters from people I actually KNOW.  But that isn't happening.

And leaving comments on unknown blogs hasn't worked in the "plays well with others" part of my life.  Hard for me to strike the right "casual" tone.  It seems people are happiest with "loved your post" period.  Anything longer than two sentences is liable to not be well received.  Now, people who know me, and that's just on the internet, can get longer posts from me.  Like letters.  And they seem to like getting them.  But they are busy people.  So it's not everyday.  Which is why I went out looking.

I have found a gardening blog which is all about vegan, not spending money and dressing well. I never actually saw a post on gardening.  But that could be my fault.  The site is difficult to navigate. The blog had a tofu recipe and invite readers to share their favorite recipe.  I was very interested.  The comments were all "never tried tofu".  Really?????  That's what you wanted to say?

My new GOOP newsletter has arrived in my mailbox along with Houzz.  Yep.  And I got a new post from Food52.  Sigh.

My greenhouse is having a dish garden class this weekend.  I kind of like the idea of making a BOX garden like the one at the top of the post.  Very Zen.  And modern.  You can see why I might not be the one teaching this weekend?

We watched three episodes of Fringe last night (still season one).  It's starting to get creepy.  I like it.  G is hooked.  He didn't think he would like it, but, after about 10 minutes of the first episode he closed his book and said, I guess I'm interested.  Last night the first (of many) alien objects crawled out of someone's mouth.  It was a gigantic cold germ.  I can see the writers trying to decide on a gigantic cold germ or gigantic head cold mucus.  They also had the "machine" transport a guy from a German prison to an airfield in New Jersey.  It's better than watching the Olympics.  I have Curling scheduled to record at 2 am and 5 am each day.  I can fast forward thru the commercials and chit chat.

I have a book to read.  Some laundry to do.  100 items to remove from my household inventory in sort of a household cleanse.  I could embark on a very necessary clean up/straightening of the office which is so full right now, the door hardly opens all the way.  This is what happens when I stop ironing.  This is where I iron.  And to get to the ironing board I usually have to clear a path, put things away etc. etc.  I don't think I have really ironed since G retired and no longer needs starched shirts and pressed pants everyday.  Yikes.

It stopped snowing.  Next storm is on the way--I think on Sunday.  A regular Maine winter at this point.  February is going fast.  Which is fine with me.

So how do you cook tofu?

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Annie said...

Loved your post.

: )

I've never tried tofu, should I?