Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

G and shoveled together.  I did the edges and he did the middles with the snow blower.  And just as we finished and were putting the machinery away--the Town plow drove by and packed the bottom of the driveway, again.  We shoveled it out before going in for nice hot showers.

We had 4 layers of snow.  Ice.  Snow.  Ice.  Snow.  By the time we finished, the temps were near 40 and, here in Maine, in the winter, that's too warm for coats, hats or gloves.  So, the bottom ice was turning into water.  And now that the sun has set--ICE.

I think we were the only house (at our end of the street) to actually get a mail delivery today.  If your mailbox isn't shoveled out--no mail.

G chose Chinese for our Valentine dinner.  I got the pink dipping sauce on my red sweater.  I ordered  fried crab appetizer--just to get the crispy wrapper for G's hot and sour soup.  That's how sweet I am.  Breaking off chucks of the fried wonton wrapper and dropping them into his soup.  Another Chinese restaurant we loved had little bowls of fried wonton wrapper strips to go in the soup.  G misses it. This restaurant doesn't do little bowls of fried wonton strips.

If only Dairy Queen was open for ice cream--it would be a perfect dinner out.

Now I have to get busy and study my notes for the class I am teaching tomorrow:  Edible Landscaping.  Using fruit trees in your landscaping.  Also shrubs like blueberries. I think the two other stores are doing the class on Power Point.  Just pictures.  Which is way easier.  I have to talk for the full hour--- verbal pictures.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

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