Monday, February 03, 2014

Six More Weeks Of winter

My boots are standing by.  So far, I haven't had much need for them.  Staying put.  I had enough of winter weather and driving on icy roads while doing the Retail thing.

I have a large pot of vegetable soup on the stove.  I "free-styled" it.  Onion. Carrots.  Six or seven little red potatoes I found on the back porch (from the garden harvest).  Remainder of the cole slaw cabbage (the core plus a bit).  Kale.  Can of fire roasted tomatoes.  Garlic.  I threw in a few handfuls of split yellow peas (which don't seem interested in softening) because I have no canned beans to add. I also sprinkled in some quick cooking barley.  My friend adds it to her minestrone and I like it.

I also added salt, pepper, a squirt of ketchup and a few shakes of Worcestershire.  And vegetable stock.  I think it's going to be excellent---in spite of the not so soft yellow peas.

Last night, midway thru what we watched of a football game that delighted me no end (I dislike Manning with a passion and NO! we didn't watch the halftime show), I made up a tomato sauce from the last half packet of frozen Sungold tomatoes.  I mixed it in with garlic, an onion, a can of fire roasted tomatoes (I have three and we'll see if I can use one tomorrow as well) plus S/P and red pepper flakes--- once it was saucy, I scooped freshly boiled spaghetti right out of the water and into the frying pan with the sauce.  Stirred it together and heaped it on plates.  Lots of cheese was added.  We ate it all.

Then we watched Downton Abbey and Sherlock.  What is Edith going to do?  This is when I ate three dark chocolate Lindt balls.  G had a bag of popcorn.

I am midway through the Fire Witness and it's very, very good as are all the books in this series.  Start with the Hypnotist.  Lars Kepler.  Better, almost than Steig Larsson.  Now, I am going to read some more!

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Annie said...

I love everything about the show Sherlock. I think it's brilliant! Love the characters, love the actor, (he's so cute) the writing, the directing.

Not so crazy about the US version, Elementary.

Loved your bouquet of flowers from yesterday's pic. This is the time of year when I need flowers around to brighten the mood and thoughts of spring.