Friday, February 07, 2014

An Odd Addition To My Diet

When I used to visit my friend K in Georgia, we always had this "special drink" which was actually an Arizona green tea mix plus a lemonade mix.  We drank huge cups of it while burning brush piles in the backyard.  We usually had handfuls of Cheezits also.  I am not having Cheezits.

Back when I started doing Low Carb, I had trouble drinking the required amounts of water each day.  I just have trouble swallowing plain water, and while I am getting better at it, I needed some help.  So, I purchased tall tubular containers of Totally Light (sugar free) Lemonade and Green tea mixes.  And I filled quart Ball canning jars with it and, basically, drank about 2 quarts everyday at work. Not exactly K's drink because it's not as sweet as hers.  Southern women like sweet tea.  Very sweet.

The Green Tea has a bunch of caffeine.  So, I was very "energized" as well.  Difficult to go to bed at night and sleep.  So I stopped.  I can't find decaffeinated Green Tea mix.

Well, last week I mixed up a big container of this stuff and started drinking it again.  If I keep at it, drinking a big glass whenever I go wandering in the kitchen looking for FOOD, it works to keep me away from the food.  I am also super ready (caffeine) to tackle jobs like moving everything from the floor of the office to the floor in the upstairs bedroom/workspace.

Two big, puffy armloads of down comforters.  Pillows and more pillows.  A big exercise ball (and Riley shoved his way between me and the steps, trying to get the ball into his possession) and that took awhile to get up the stairs as I couldn't see the steps.  It's a big ball.  Riley is a big dog (and he wanted that ball).  We bought him a big ball--once--and he bit it 4 seconds after getting it.  But he was extremely happy for the 4 seconds he had a big ball.  Remembers it.

My next project (probably Sunday) will be moving the rest of the junk in the office so I can stand the ironing board across the window.  If I iron, I can then look out the window.  And, by moving things, I can unblock the heater vents.  I will be moving 3 or 4 irons.  Some work and some don't.  For some odd reason, the Rowentas work and then start dribbling (brownish) water all over the white linen shirts--I get mad and buy a new one.  But I have noticed, if I return them to the line up--they don't dribble for a few weeks or months--but then they do.  Which is why they are still in the house.  I have a rotation going.

I am also trying to get a large pot of red beans to soften.  They had all night to soak and now a few hours of active simmering.  Still dry and crunchy to the "tooth".  A while longer and then I will send them to rest in the compost bucket.  I had wanted to make a vegan red bean chili.  Because the vegetable soup with cabbage in it isn't giving me enough gas.  !!!!!!!!!!

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