Friday, February 08, 2013


It doesn't look like this yet--close.  But Riley has already been for his daily walk in the woods with G.  I was reading my journal this morning (for last February) and there were daily notes on MY walks with Riley in the woods.  In the cold and snow. I am so thankful that G is doing the walking this year.  Its nice to see everything covered in clean, white snow.  No grass showing.

The snow is steady but thin.  Dry.  Light.  Champagne powder.  Skiers love the stuff.

I spent an hour cleaning.  I chose the dining room table as my first project.  When we emptied the desk in the kitchen a world of odds and ends landed on the table.  Now I am trying to find good homes for what I want to keep and the recycle bin or garbage can for the rest.  I found art supplies I had lost or forgotten I owned.  I found important receipts I should have filed.  I found recipes.  I added a few things to my son's Valentine box (I try and mail things to him) and I found a few things from his college days, his high school days and even middle school.  A Bento Box of treats.  My next job is the desk right here under my finger tips.

G has gotten us signed up for all sorts of online accounts.  SS, Medicare, the bank etc.  I checked late last night to see if my unemployment check had been deposited.  We aren't getting mail lately and I hadn't gotten the usual confirmation.  Medicare has returned 2/3rds of my overpayment.  I still haven't gotten any SS. We also signed onto Netflix for a 30 day trial.  Never had it before. I took the "like/dislike" survey and when I was finished I got a note from Netflix that they had ZERO recommendations for my viewing pleasure.  Sad but true.  I know there are at least three new-ish movies I want to see.  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Now I am going to put the wet stuff in the dryer and start my dinner prep.  We had roast turkey breast last night.  It was very good and we ate it all.  I had hoped for a few leftovers.

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