Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I am going to be away from home all day--so this quick note before I run off.  Whatever you dream of having today--I hope it comes true.  Flowers, cards, candy.  Someone to hold your hand.  A smile.  Any sweet thing that makes your day a happy one.

We managed--with a call to tech services--- to get Netflix to work on the TiVo last night.  Smile.  We really have no technical skills.  And we managed to watch 7 episodes of Life.  About a policeman wrongly convicted of murder and in prison for 12 years.  You can imagine all the horrible things that happened to him in 12 years.  And then he is exonerated and released.  And he wants to return to work as a detective.  Everyone on the police hates him.  Of course, it is well crafted, a delight to the ear and eye. And was cancelled by NBC.  I think there should be a category named "cancelled by NBC".  Perhaps there is.  Prime Suspect last fall.  Cancelled and well loved by many viewers.  But Smash goes on.

After the seven episodes we had no idea how to turn Netflix OFF.  Really, we are dinosaurs.


dee said...

Happy Valentines Day Joanne.
You made me laugh over the Netflix comments. My son got me set up for it and I couldn't figure how to get off Netflix and back to regular TV when I was finished. So yes, dinosaur here too.

Anonymous said...

laughing.....try pushing the tv button?