Friday, February 15, 2013

Some Valentine Work From Before

Long ago, I was interested in all things crazy.  Crazy quilting.  But mostly the thread work and embroidery on top of the crazy patchwork.  I made this heart for a customer.  And then she didn't want it.  I can't find the others.  I looked but they don't want to be found today.  The felt heart was made during the twice a month mini quilt group I had with 5 friends, so long ago, I can't remember when it was.  I was given a heart like this (only seamed with a second plain heart and stuffed) which could be used as a pin cushion.  This is a sample I made to teach people at the library how to make them.  Buttonhole stitch around all the pieces.  I have the bag with all the supplies.  I can finish all of them.  At the bottom are my paper beads.  I rolled more on Wednesday night before we discovered how to get Netflix going.  I ran out of the paper I used.  So this is truly a "limited" edition of beads.  I think there are enough for a bracelet.  With tiny red beads from my bead box.

I liked the buttonhole stitch so much, I started a wool suiting table runner with wool felt flowers buttonholed on top.  Sigh.  I was really "in" to all this 1800's style work.  So far away now.  Like a dream.  I even have acid green, yellow, and red Civil War prints for a set of blocks.  And the patterns. Do you ever feel like you are time traveling when going through boxes of old things?

I can see why we all have unfinished projects.  We changed.  The work stayed as it was.

In other news:  My blog post titled "The View From My Back Deck" continues to be the most popular one I have ever posted.  I think the title invokes something.  I should have titled my blog this way and then I could be selling ads in the sidebar and living the good life.

I have to settle in to write and re-write my lecture on Roses.  I found an interesting article on speaking to a group.  Seems they don't remember much of what they heard but they do vividly remember emotions that the talk evoked as they listened.  I find this to be true in my own listening experience.  If a speaker evokes the desire in my mind and heart to follow the topic and use it in our own lives--then it is remembered.  A good story is remembered if it creates a memory or an emotional response.  Think St Jude Hospital ads.  I have to create an emotional image or response in my lecture on roses.

My classes, at work, on Seed Starting and Vegetable Gardening are always popular because I am so emotionally involved in these two subjects.  It shows.  People hear it and see it.  And they want to experience the joy as well.  If I had to say who I am,  it would be "teacher".  I have always thought I would say "artist" but I don't think I communicate as well with art.  But perhaps I haven't tried hard enough to say what is in my heart with art.

Thank you again, dear Readers, for giving me the time and space to think these things through.  To learn about myself in these pages.  Even when I use the delete button I learn things about myself.

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