Friday, February 01, 2013

New Month, New Dish Pattern

The Polish Blue dishes exchanged places with the Franciscan Apple for the month of February.  I have always like buying dishes.  I bought three sets while we lived in Germany and managed to give away one.  This month we talked about what set to use.  The Petite Fleur (sticker dishes) have never actually been used.  Maybe next month.   While moving all the polka dotted Polish dishes--I was amazed at one: how heavy they are and two: how many I have.  Too many.  Some of these have never been used.

I bought these Apple dishes while waiting for a plane at the Orlando airport.  I love them.  My brother and his wife had them and I loved visiting so I could see them.  Had to have my own set.  My daughter would take these to her house in a heartbeat.  Whenever she sets my table--these are the dishes she uses.

We left the house today to do what have become "the usual errands".  We added Petco today as Riley needed a replacement collar.  He lost his training collar running in the woods a few days ago.  He "listens" better on the leash when wearing it.  Heavy metal links.  $25.

After Petco and Bed, Bath & Beyond (I got wood floor cleaner), we visited the library and then did the grocery shopping.  G always needs bagels, milk, juice and yogurt (didn't need cereal today).  I always need eggs, bacon and heavy cream.  I bought salad for both of us and all the supplies so G can make ham and cheese Panini sandwiches. I forgot I had wanted to go to the bank to check and see if my Social Security had been deposited.  No news on what has happened to the double payment of my Medicare B.  Will they send the extra three months back to me?

My computer is having operating issues and will probably stop working before I hit publish.  I have had to manually save what I have written and reboot.  G says it's not because of his iPhone and iPad being linked to my computer by the "cloud" but I think it is.  G "travels" around the internet, opening everything with no concern for the mess it makes for me.  I had double downloading the picture I took also.  Tried four times.  Got the rotating ball.  If the problem is the new camera, I will be reboxing it and returning it ASAP.  I had intended to figure out how to make the color more saturated in the programing part of the camera.  Personal preference.  There are blog authors who use a very vivid saturation of color in the camera itself.  I want to be one of those.

Dinner will be leftovers or sandwiches.  I am not cooking today.  I didn't sleep well last night because I forgot to take my allergy tab.  I got up at 3 am to take it and finally fell asleep--woke up at 8:48.  My eyes feel dry and burning.  I wish I was the sort of person who could nap. But I am not. Even as a baby, I wasn't a good sleeper.  And never napped.  No wonder my mother disliked me.  I didn't cry or fuss.  I just didn't sleep.  Perhaps I needed an allergy tab?

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Annie said...

That's funny, Joanne, I'm unable to nap during the day no matter how tired or if I had a sleepless night. Really bugs me! And my mother said the same thing about me, that I never napped as a baby, she would put me in my crib and I would entertain myself til time to get up,never went to sleep.