Monday, July 03, 2017

Yet Another Black & White Kitchen

Only because, once the bathrooms are finished, I will have to start thinking about the kitchen.  Because I am a complete lunatic!!!!

The vintage (from when the house was built- 1984) Kohler cast iron soaking tub has now been--with a great amount of muscle, effort and swear words (plus brownies all round) been inserted in the space recently vacated by a one piece tub and surround.   The Kohler valve is in, the pipe for the shower head and another pipe for the tub faucet.  They said the tub weighed at least 500 pounds.  men!

Now we wait for the holiday to come and go and the Tile Guy to come start work on waterproofing etc and eventually get tile.  The vanity arrived this morning. It's sitting in the hallway.  By the front door.

The sun is shining here in Maine and everyone who has one, is up to their Camp.  Anywhere else it would be a cottage.  Here in Maine--Camp.  Could it be a holdover from the days of high priced sleepover camps for privileged children?  I once applied to be a camp counselor.  There was laundry service and uniforms.  Shorts and white camp shirts.  I was NOT selected but my love of camp shirts lives on and on.

The local airports shuttle in parents and campers, cater "box lunches" that aren't anything like you would pack for yourselves and arrange limo service to and from camp.  Those little private jets.  I live within 600 feet of the end of one such airport runway.  So close. Yet, so far.

What Am I Doing Today:  I have watered my front gardens and the new peach trees.  Found and lost my grocery list.  Watered  tomatoes and plants at my away from home job and then went to the grocery-- no list.  But I did remember what I forgot yesterday.  Bug spray.  G's vitamin D3.  And I got a bag of "misfit" lemons--a full bag for $1.99. I now have misfit limes and lemons.  Who wants a drink?????  I've got vodka and gin.  Come on over and we'll sit on the sofa and chat.

What Am I Reading Today: I got a fictional book about Henry and Anne Boleyn.  There was nothing much to choose. I had wanted the new Louise Penny but I wasn't lucky enough to snag one off the 7 day shelf.  And my second choice a new book by Tana French was also MIA.   What are you reading this summer????

What Are We Eating :  I think I may have a salad today.  I have had pasta with eggplant and tomatoes. I have had grilled beef teriyaki  tips on skewers with mushrooms and red onion.  Corn.  Watermelon. Strawberry smoothie.  Ice Cream.  Not all at once.  Over a period of three or four days.
Potato Chips.  Fresca.  I am considering making a large iced tea with some of my misfit lemons.  Sweet Tea.  I've been remembering Georgia lately.  Living there.  Being very happy there.   A nice tomato sandwich on white bread with tons of salt and mayo sounds delicious.  But we are months away from that delight.  A veggie plate with corn meal coated okra (fried), squash, tomatoes, field peas, cornbread sounds delightful...with sweet tea.


Annie said...

Ooh, the sound of that tomato sandwich made my mouth water, used to eat them all the time as a child, haven't had many since, will have to wait til the local farm market has some tomatoes fresh off the vine.

What I'm reading, a non fiction about discovering the source, and how it's spread of a Cholera outbreak in a neighborhood 1850's London. I read non fiction only about most anything.

Happy Independence Day!

DianeN said...

My reading so far this summer includes Ann Cleeves' Shetland series (Inspector Jimmy Perez); Walter Moseley's Easy Rawlins series and his Fearless Jones series;Radium Girls; Lara, a book about Boris Pasternak's mistress;and a book of correspondence between Eudora Welty and Ross MacDonald.