Saturday, July 15, 2017

Reflections On Life During Renovations

Does renovation lead one to reconsider life choices?

Last evening as I waited for our supper to get heated through, I started in on the storage cupboard. Removing expired canned goods.  Filled the recycling can with emptied containers.  What could --went into the compost bucket.  Emptied the compost once and the recycle container twice.

Our schedule here has stopped being "normal".  Breakfast is still the same but lunch can be served anywhere from 11am to 4 pm.  Supper is being discussed between 7 pm and 9.  Hard to get things "going" while men are roaming around the house. And if you eat lunch at 4 pm--do we really need to eat supper?  And when, actually, would I being cooking said supper?  I do cook on the weekend when there are no workers here.  Today I have pizza dough rising in the oven--off with only the light on. and I have a fennel bulb and onions to cook for a topping.

I started in on the storage cupboard because I had been reading my journal (and pasting in more pictures and articles) and was reminded of the "get rid of one thing a day" idea and tried to grasp whenever that particular page in the journal had been written.  The pages are no longer in order of date.

so--I was well behind in my tossing of un-needed items and the pantry or store cupboard was right there in front of me.

Later, G and I went looking for the wheels for my Earth Box planter.  Hard to move without the wheels.  I am going to plant four pepper plants in it and let them live on the back stoop.  May even go to "work" and buy a second one.  For two tomato plants.  Early Girl Bush.  We can possibly roll them into the house if it gets cold before they are ready.

Found a new blog and new recipe.  Chickpea Tofu.  Requires me to go shopping for chickpea flour.  My daughter is following Dr Furman's diet and the chickpea tofu could be another way for her to eat her "daily beans". And I also found a "hint" that a good remedy for poison ivy is an underarm deodorant stone.  Rubbed on the poison ivy rash.  Seems both items can be purchased at the health food shop. Daughter is weeding for a client with lots of poison ivy.

My thoughts and plans seem more scattered than usual.  I am sleeping every other night.  The prednisone effects.  The rash is gone, for now.  I am exhausted. I slept last night but am ready to go back to sleep as I type this.  I have a book to read but no attention span and my eyes won't focus on the words.  And nothing I could write here would be of any interest to anyone reading.  So, I am going to sign off for today.  Go back to sitting on the couch with my eyes closed--awake.


DianeN said...

Chickpea flour is used in Indian cooking and called besan. It will be much less expensive at an Indian grocery store or you can find it on Amazon.

DianeN said...

And for poison ivy try Zanfel. Works amazingly well.