Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Well, It's Wednesday @ Construction Zone

If storage of G's thousands of bandaids and Q-tips wasn't a problem this bath might appeal to me.  I see in the far right bottom corner a few rolls of toilet paper.  That's all this owner has stored.  Not even an extra towel.  Not sure the faucets in the wall would work--wet hands, drips etc.

The Painter is here.  He arrives like clockwork at 7:45 am.  Paints quietly and takes breaks, gives treats to the dog and then drives away at 1 pm.  Cleans up and never leaves a mess.

I don't know what it's like anymore to have a house without paper on the floors, stacks of tools, a black plastic garbage bag of odds and ends and ladders and lights on tripods all over the house. And a bath vanity by the front door.  The living room is full of furniture that belongs in other rooms, a ladder and three rolled up "new" rugs.  Oh, and a stack of framed art that used to be on the walls.

Let's be clear here.  Money has been paid. The Tile Guy is NOT showing up.  The hall bath is just pipes coming out of rough walls and electric wires dropping from the ceiling.  They did sweep. It's been SIX MONTHS.  G and I are past "done".  There will be NO kitchen renovation.

I think I would like to be normal again.  Make dinner.  Sleep past 7am if I feel like it.  Not have to walk past guys to get to the bathroom.  Not have power tools running.

I would like to be able to CLEAN.  There is dust everywhere and my feeble attempts to wash the floors each day after everyone leaves--well, even I can admit it isn't getting anything clean.  And the vacuum keeps clogging up with all the debris.

We do have a finished (and lovely) master bathroom and the staircase to the second floor is finished and quite good-looking, if you ignore the bath vanity at the bottom of the staircase.  The new front door is letting lots of light into the entrance hall--which shows us how many work boots have trampled thru in a day.  The new tile floor is never really clean no matter how many times I hand wash it.  I have beautiful hardwood floors but I have never actually seen them--they got covered in cardboard and tape as soon as they got nailed down.  Now they are saying the cardboard is possibly scratching the wood because it has been down too long.  How is that MY problem???????

So Six Months.  Too long.  Exhausting.  Expensive. Still not finished.  G went out an got things and fixed the leaking toilet in the upstairs third bathroom HIMSELF.  Took quite a few hours. The kit mentioned "easy" but nothing really is, is it?  I may make a cross stitch sampler with those words--to remind me in case I think of doing renovation again-in my lifetime.  Nothing is really "easy".


Annie said...

Ha, I wondered when you were going to cry "uncle", I'd have been there the first week. I'll live with my circa late eighties design. I abhor chaos! : )

MariMo said...

I really admire your courage!