Friday, July 28, 2017

Pictures of The New Tile Hallway And Stairs

We haven't finished the wall next to the stairs.  Waiting for European style radiators to arrive. But the floor is in and Riley loves sleeping on it this summer.  Nice an cool.  And not slippery.  No fear of a slip and fall for him.

The hardwood stairs were covered with carpet.  We had no idea the wood was there.  Such a surprise and not sure we could have afforded the cost of having the stairs done in hardwood.  So happy the second owner of this house decided to do the work.  The guys did a fantastic job creating a new baseboard for the steps.  Nice and tall.

The hallway to the bedrooms.  The mess is in front of the hall bath (first door left).  Today it's getting a blue waterproof coating before tile is added.  The floor got orange underlayment and the heating wires. The floors in both bathrooms will be heated.  Tomorrow the tile guy is putting down the black ceramic tile (same as the hallway) over the heating cables.  Saturday grout.  And next week I hope the bath surround gets tile.  The entire hallway got new doors and knobs, white paint and under that cardboard--hardwood floors.

I had fun climbing over that pile of stuff every time I needed something from the bedroom, office or needed to use the bathroom.  Trying not to trip and fall.

That's the second bedroom (where we have been sleeping since February) and it will be hard to move back into the master.  I never expected that bedroom to be as nice as it is.  Quiet. Cozy. That bedroom will become the guest room.  I'll need to get a nice bed to go in there.

The first door to the right is the pantry (vacuum cleaner room).  If they hadn't hit water when digging the house's foundation, that door would lead to the basement.  There's a French door that closes off the bedroom wing from the hall and rest of the house.  I added two French doors to the house.  One here and the second to the doorway between the kitchen and what had been the dining room.  That was the first thing I did on moving in.  Twenty Six years ago.

I still need to get outside and plant my tomatoes.  Some of the potted tomato plants already have tomatoes on them.  Got to hurry.  The vibe from Mother Nature is a foreboding "early Winter" so time is short.  I just don't have any energy and the mosquitos are terrible.

I think the 8 months of prepping for reno and then the actual work--has just wiped me out.  I just want it to be done.  G and I had a big argument about all the Bonne Maman jelly jars I have saved.
Really.  An argument about jelly jars.  In a mood of reconciliation:  I put 18 out into the recycle bin.

Tomorrow morning I have to order a sink for the hall bath, towel bars and toilet paper holders and try and return the trim kit that wasn't the right one.  On the internet. I was supposed to do it today but I didn't.  Last time I ordered bathroom parts it was extremely STRESSFUL.  And it was March.

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MariMo said...

Love the hardwood stairs. I really admire your and G's courage to actually plan and do this renovation. Love the results. Great Pictures!