Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Sea Holly Is Almost Ready To Blossom & A Rant

A friend from work dug up a bunch of sea holly plants and gave them to me last summer.  Then she gave me the "mother" plant in a fit of "cleaning up" her flower bed.  These plants do spread and soon colonize an entire garden bed.  Not for those with limited space.

I love blue in my garden beds.  Blue anything.  And orange anything next to it.    Right now, while we wait for the sea holly to blossom--I have very tall stems of bachelor's buttons.  I think they got their name from bachelors wearing these blue flowers in the buttonhole of suits.  Back in the day when men wore suits.

My vegetable plants are still on the porch.  Not in the ground.  What is wrong?  I don't know.  It's as if I suddenly lost interest and can't get back into it.  Like colony collapse of bees.  Sudden and unexplainable.  And my away from home job is watering someone else's garden and tomato plants. Which I must get to right after pressing "publish".

Only the painter today.  No loud music.  No chatter.  Just quiet.  It'll be next week before the Tile Guy starts with the waterproofing etc.  That's a week before he does tile walls.  And another while before he does the floor.  We are stalled.  This has happened before.  But we are so close---and now to be doing nothing again.  Well, nothing but mopping, wiping up dust, cleaning, sweeping and then repeat.
Unfinished things create a lot of MESS..

Riley made it thru July Fourth Fireworks.  Without the panic attack.  We gave him two Benadryl while the sun was thinking about setting.  Had been giving him one when he started hyper ventilating.  Two was the correct number.  He sat by me with his head next to my knee and stared at me.  Which is so much better than whimpering, gagging and barking.  I watched 9 episodes of That 70's Show on Netflix.  There are 8 full seasons.  Four guys, two girls, four parents.  G is hoping I don't intend to watch all of the episodes.

What Was I Watching:  Yesterday it was Ten Years of Trump.  Interviews he gave.  Opinions he had/has.  How much he admired Bill Clinton.  Really great guy etc.  Believed in the Iraq war.  Good Health Care for everyone. Not touched Medicare. Etc. Etc. All things he NOW doesn't believe in. Doesn't believe he ever said those things--Fake News. But he's on record as having said those things--not Fake.

What I Learned Yesterday:  A large percentage of Americans don't know what country we gained our Independence from.  It's England.  Not Syria.  Not Iraq. Not Afghanistan. There was a time when I would have found this hard to believe.  But not yesterday or today.  Independence Day.  Sad.

What I don't Understand And Never Will:  Why there is no travel ban on the ONLY country to send terrorists here,  to take pilot lessons, get into planes and then fly those same planes into the Towers, Pentagon and because of heroic efforts by Americans -into a field in Pennsylvania instead of the White House--- Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps the CIA and FBI should look into Trump ties to THEM?

What We Are Eating:  Roasted Asparagus with garlic, lemon and Parmesan.  Served with pasta and Alfredo sauce with some pesto added.  Today I am marinating beef tips for kabobs.  With red onion wedges and button mushrooms.

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