Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Roses: I Grow them In The Vegetable Garden

Yep, right there next to the herbs and garlic.  It's where I am. So why not have roses there as well. The Japanese Beetles are doing their job of ruining everything.  My favorite right now is Christopher Marlow.  Buds in a nice deep red pink and then opening to fat pink flowers. I love the buds best of all. Promise of good things to come.

This Spring I cut all my rose bushes to the ground.  Pruned them to nubs.  They all look great. It's like they appreciate having a "fresh start" a new chance to be beautiful rather than over grown.  Even the 10 foot tall one.  It's now chest high and looking pretty darn good--after not looking good for a few years.  Covered in beetles.  G "forgot" to spread the grub treatment.  He's gonna regret that...........

I was determined to do all the weeding myself this summer.  But finally conceded that I needed help. G has now just about weeded all the beds.  The carrot, kale, arugula (self seeded from somewhere) and 2 collard green plants (from a whole seed packet) are being crowded by purslane.  I know it's edible--sort of, but I weed it out.  Give it to my friend's chickens.  I also donate clover to the chickens.  That bed is on my radar for weeding (by me) today.

The master bedroom seems to be done.  All the painting is done. Closet doors are being put back on. It's still the storage area for everything and anything.  Tools, odd pipes, bags of screws, the hall toilet still in it's box. Boxes of tile for the hall bath. Paint cans. The soaking tub from the master had been sitting there in the middle of the room--upside down for months.  Now it's sitting in the hall bath.  The hull of the hall bath.  Walls are studs. Floor is torn up plywood.  Ceiling has holes and wires hanging out.  Tub is in enclosure with studs and pipes coming out of the walls.

We are waiting for the Tile Man.  And Waiting.

And it would be nice to not have the bath vanity sitting in the entrance hallway.  Greeting guests.  Starting to be a flat surface that people put things on.

The Plumber came back yesterday to fix the leaking toilet upstairs.  So we can have a second toilet.
It's hardly ever used and I guess it just needed some new fittings.  That's where I am moving my sewing room.  Used to be up there.  Nice light up there.  Big space.  I made good things up there. I miss making good things.  My plan is to make things again.  You happy.

But first.  I need to eat breakfast.

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