Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bucket --Not List

Do you have a Bucket List?

I see people I know on Facebook and they show pictures of themselves doing "bucket list" things. "here's us at a Giant's game--Bucket List". Did these people live their lives not doing things they would have liked to do???  When I die,  I don't want to have a list of things I didn't do. You didn't do those things because you actually didn't want to do them.

My Bucket (not on my list) is no longer here.  I loved the little bits of red on the yellow lid.  Next to the bucket is the radio over which I have listened to Janis Joplin, Rush Limbaugh and everything else at full volume. It's been quiet for quite a few days. I would rather not have had to listen to Rush.  Quiet Tile Guys. No radio.

There are those who might say my new bathrooms are Bucket List items.  Feel free to discuss this among yourselves.

My sink is supposed to arrive on Monday (but not be installed until some point in time that has not been determined).  I have a tracking number so I can watch as it moves across New York state and north into Maine.  The sink is traveling with towel bars and toilet tissue holders.  The granite for the sink to be undercounted to---well, that hasn't been ordered as yet or cut or delivered.  See where this is going--or better yet--not going?  But I had to "hurry" and order the sink.

Did not get the Tomato plants into the ground.  I did water them three times today.  They are very thirsty.  Mostly I have been busy vacuuming the carpets--G finally got the vacuum fixed.  It would vacuum but not pick up anything.  Now it picks up the dog hair, dust and lint.  Finally.

Then I hand washed/wiped the entrance hall tile floor.  Tile Guy walked in and out to the tile saw about 100 times on Friday and this morning (7:30 am) another 10 times.  Then I made the mistake of walking out with the dog to water my containers out front.  Then had to wash the floor again.  I had tracked in tile dust. Yep.

Been watching Netflix.  A Chef's Life.  A Russian. A Korean Monk.  Today it was Nancy Silverton.
The Russian was very odd and the food didn't look like anything I would ever want to eat. Loved everything about the Monk.  A woman.  Especially her clothes.  There was a scene of her taking trains into Seoul to teach a Vegan Cooking Class.  That coat, those shoes, those pants that gathered at the ankle.  Above those shoes.  And her food.  The Lotus Flower Tea.  So beautiful.  Everything about the segment in Korea was so beautiful.  I will watch it again.

Nancy Silverton is very strange.  She has curly hair.  She had curly hair.  Now it's all braided and wound into tight balls with many, many little shiny objects.  And her clothes.  Very strange and I am guessing, seriously expensive.  I did love the orange linen apron. I won't watch that episode again.  But the scenes with her making loaves of bread were wonderful.  I love making bread. So maybe I would watch again.

I don't know who is next or how many episodes there are this season.  The photography is stunning.
I think this is Season Three.

So, the President has a general as his "newest" secretary.  And no transgender people in the military.  And now he is saying no women.  He isn't "comfortable" with women in the military.  Having guns, I guess.  But he did say something I do approve of.  The government employees should have the same Obamacare insurance as "we the people".  Now, the government employees are not happy about that.

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