Thursday, July 20, 2017

Traffic, Summer People and Shopping

My little Town has always had a "traffic problem".  And when the Summer People arrive--it gets so much worse. And the Music Theater right in the center of Town isn't helping--out of state cars, parking etc. But today, the regular Town people worked together to make my drive to work and back (just to pick up free seed packets)  really frustrating.  And then Nature added a huge wasp to the mix--in my car (with me).

People with left hand blinkers in lanes with no arrow for left turns.  And when an opening arrived--they weren't "ready".

I traveled to work and then into the lane with a left turn blinker and finally made my own left turn (with an arrow) and arrived at Goodwill.  I scored a near perfect pair of Bean Perfect Knit Pants in my size and my favorite color--black.  The pair I had on while shopping is no longer really black and has suffered from a splatter of bleach on the leg.

I also purchased a used copy The New Basics cookbook ( I gave mine away years ago)-and found a very large four leaf clover inside.  It's like things are going to start going my way.........

And the general contractor came and put up the wallboard underlayment for tile.  In the hall bathroom.  Tomorrow drywall work and sanding etc.  Forward Movement.  Something getting done.
Yesterday the hall bath looked big.  Today it looks small.  The Optical Illusions of Renovation.

And he mopped the hall floor before he went home.  Yes, he did.

Last night I tried to do a bit of gardening, filled up the water bottles I use to water things--quickly--without dragging out the hose.  About 10 to 15 one gallon orange juice bottles.  And proceeded to get bit by most of the mosquitos in Maine.  I am so not interested in gardening right now.  July isn't my month.  Well, August isn't my favorite either.  Good thing G likes to water the garden for me.  And pick blueberries.  He says they are ready.  I did all these things last summer.  But don't want to do them this summer.

I think I am just not getting enough sleep.

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