Friday, July 21, 2017

If....I Had Grandchildren

I love everything about this room.  The carpet is gorgeous--the star of the shop so to speak.

I went out for the first time the grocery store at around 4pm.  The dog and I stayed home together all day.  G had a 4 hour mowing job and the painter and the drywall guy were here and I couldn't leave the dog here with them.  Riley has these panic attacks.  Ringing the bell on the back door (it's way too hot and humid--he wouldn't be able to breathe if we let him out) and he pants and whimpers and acts so odd. I give him Benadryl and turn on the tv and talk.  And eventually (just like G) the dog falls asleep.

The grocery was fun.  Bagels, yogurt, milk, cereal, potato chips and ham, turkey and swiss cheese for G to roll up into a bread-less lunch.  I didn't buy anything extra.  And I saw a very cute three month old baby.  Giggling because he had burped.  Very amused by himself.  Fat cheeks, big smile and bare feet with little toes like kernels of corn.  I missed having grand babies.

I had intended to sew new buttons onto my shirt.  Blouse.  Whatever it is called these days.  New, antique buttons.  With embroidery floss.  The buttons are very odd little bone colored discs with two very large unevenly shaped holes.  They came out of an old canning jar filled with odd, old buttons. Looks like I may have purchased it at an antiques show.  When I did that sort of thing.

I  am thinking of cutting a foot or more off two long dresses and hemming them to make dresses that end just under the knee.  Wondering if I can manage to do that.  In the summer I think a dress would be very cool and breezy to wear.  I looked at Goodwill.  No pretty summer dresses in my size.
I see everyone wearing pretty summer dresses and want to stop them and ask "where did you buy that?"  But I don't.

Well, it's time to go get ice cream.

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