Friday, July 14, 2017

Doing the Minimum Renovation Work This Week

Today we got a few items finished.  Closet hanging poles.  The door to the basement.  A trap door I had painted to match the ceramic tile floor.  Black.  Blackish.  It had been painted white previously.

Monday we are clearing out the Master Bedroom that is now the way station for tools, the boxed toilet etc.  And we are being moved into the master bedroom.  Ready or Not.

Tile Man is still a "no show".  Hall bath has had no work done on it for two weeks. If he had come when it was scheduled--- we would be days away from being finished. Like by Wednesday of next week.  Now we are not.

The painter wants to start painting the second bedroom and that closet and it's doors.  The hallway is done but we'll be leaving the cardboard over the hard wood.  Riley seems to enjoy sleeping on the cardboard surfaces.  Not slippery and I think he will find the wood floors too scary..  (which is why I purchased a 12 foot carpet for the hallway--but will not be using it until every work person has driven away--for good))  Riley also likes summer days on the entrance hall ceramic tile floor.  Cool.  Black dog stretched out on the black ceramic tiles.  Invisible dog hair.

Visited the Farmer's Market today and got three pattypan squash and made Zucchini Butter.  Well, it's actually Squash Butter.  Use what you have.  Also had some peaches on the counter getting ripe and soft.  But the one I chose to eat wasn't soft enough so I made a Peach, Blueberry Smoothie.   Had to add honey yogurt to it to make it less "sharp" in flavor.  Smoothies are best if they are smooth.

I traveled upstairs to look for regular sized bed pillows.  I had four smaller sized pillow covers ( pink and white stripe) for the summer living room couches.  The big square pillow don't fit.  I did find two regular sized pillows so I sewed the pillows inside the covers.  I may go up again today and see if I can find other pillows.  I have lots of pillows.  If not, then I may slip one cover over one side of a bigger pillow and then slide the other cover over the opposite side and stitch them together.  A seam all around.  Total of 7 or 8 couch pillows.  Then if I am sure no more drywall dust--the white slipcovers.  Though who will see drywall dust on white duck????  Sneeze much?

Still working on that square of woven scrap fabrics.  Still adding bits of fabric if I feel like it.  Top stitching with embroidery floss.  Some from the Goodwill Bins and some from Deb of More Whiffs, Glimmers (who dyed them herself) and I love the ones from Deb--I even went and bought four more.
Waiting for the black one--  Love the changes the thread makes as it moves across the surface.

Which reminds me--G is home and we were going to cut squares off the table cloths and napkins I have to see if they are natural or plastic.  Set them on fire.

We disassembled a hoop house a few days ago.  17 feet wide and 96 feet long.  I bought half and my friend has the other half.  But 17 by 48 feet is still too big for me.  So, we'll see if anyone else wants to buy part.  Or I can just keep the extra bits as replacement parts. Or my friend might need to go longer so she can grow more perennials for her business.

Time is short.  And my energy for large projects is also short.  What I actually want is to be able to start my tomatoes, peppers and zucchini earlier--so now--in the summer I am eating and using the produce--not waiting another 6 to 8 weeks for Maine to get warm enough to ripen anything.

We had good rain yesterday and cool, partial cloudy day today.  Time for the plants to accept the water and get hydrated.

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Annie said...

I don't envy you getting through a renovation. I'd be a basket case by now. I'm sure all will be lovely when the last workman drives out of your yard! All the best with the rest of it.