Saturday, February 11, 2006

Work In Progress- Stand Back!!!

Stay tuned. The results have nothing to do with your input. In fact, I read what you said this morning and the idea came to me at 1 am last night. And go figure, there were two pieces of fabric in my closet that worked. I don't even remember buying either. In fact, I've never seen them before.

So this piece will have machine piecing (hate) of curved seams (gad) and hand applique (love) and machine decorative stitching (like) and quilting (boring). Back to work I go.

Oh, and thank you all for the comments. They are all safely tucked away in my sub-conscious mind and will reappear "as needed". Especially, "Dig In" "Commit" "Go With Your Gut" and "Don't Listen to Other People". Quilting cheerleader terms. Yah, Team!!!

1 comment:

PaMdora said...

Maybe the fabric fairy put those fabrics in your closet! The painted fabric you made is gorgeous -- can't wait to see what you do with it.