Monday, February 27, 2006

Loose Ends

My love affair--short and very sweet--with Olympic Curling came to an end. The Canadian Men and Swedish Women took gold medals. Well deserved. They were my favorite two teams and---after all that watching--I picked up most of the rules. I was even giving the teams long distance advice on their next rock target. If you enlarge this photo you can see the little stitches I added to make "pebbly" ice. My button rocks are placed in a "freeze". You can't see the guard rock. Love that curling.

The continuing saga of Smaller Traffic collage. I added something to the top of the tube and cut part of it away. I think it may be done now. I like it.

At the end of January, Nikki and I decided to make art out of bowls. We have only dedicated ourselves to this idea on a month by month contract. I have tons of journal art on bowls but decided to actually make a bowl quilt. It's been awhile since I worked--I've been in Avoidance--so my skills were a bit rusty.

The quilt is on the floor and the binding still needs sewing. I'm calling this Macaroni Bowl. The colors are so very cheesey. I was aiming for smaller but it wanted to be this big. Curved seams again--machine pieced. What is happening??? No glue or raw edges. I WAS watching a marathon of Project Runway during the construction so perhaps I was trying to be "BETTER THAN YOU"

This is my 60th blog entry since I began in October of 2005. Wow. On the days I don't post, I feel so *unfinished*. Like I've let you all down. I've really got to go now. "People" are coming to my house on Wednesday and I have to clean the floor---paper, thread and dust bunnies--- and clean off the dining room table of all the books, catalogs, mail, journals, speedball stamps, paint bottles, gloves, hats, empty bowls, wine bottles and vitamin pill bottles. We are such "pack rats".

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