Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Status Report--Blue Eyes

I'm under the influence of caffeine. (it's 2 am) I had a cup of coffee while I was having my hair and nails done this afternoon--Happy Valentine--and it isn't wearing off. I've been painting and taking pictures and trying to wear myself out. So now I'm blogging.

Here it is. I had my choice of too far away or so close the top and bottom edges are cropped off. You've seen the edges but I thought you'd be more interested in my solutions. I was making a stem, leaf and flower. Then *snap* I noticed the flower looked like a pupil. Intuitive art. So I cut and pasted some more fabric around and.... well, it's interesting.

Close up you can see I used a scrap piece of the painted background to make the pupil. It sort of "fools the eye" into thinking you can see through to the background but at the same time it moves forward off the surface. And in and an outie. I'm liking this very much. I also like the top stitching of the magenta wiggly things. Organic and slightly icky. I'm toying with the idea of some eyelash like stuff. I will audition it before actually attaching--it might not need it.

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Deb R said...

Cool! I especially love the "see-through" effect of using some of the background fabric for the pupil.