Monday, February 06, 2006

For Deborah

Deborah and I have been talking about using a stamp to make a logo for business cards and for the sale of our art. I saw this very nice lost wax method silver pin in a catalog and thought immediately of Deborah. To the right is an artist's business card. A scrap of batik is handsewn to cardstock---all of this artist's work is custom and handmade. Above a small printing of branches and leaves on a card. A tutorial suggests one, two or a maximum of three colors on a card. A suggestion of trying out fonts you find on antique cards or other sources. To the very far right--a card with hand dyed ribbon and thread knotted to one corner. What would your card say about you?


Deborah said...

Oh, you are so thoughtful! And you have such great taste... and you really know the kinds of things I like. I like the idea of a ribbon looped off the corner of a card. I was reading a bit of Gloria Page's new book and she mentioned handcarving a personal logo -- but also cautioned that it's ok if that logo changes over time. It should! I thought that was good to consider.

Sonji Hunt said...

This summer, I made all of my business cards before I went to a fair or event. I hated it after a while because they were all hand sewn with my fabric and hand stamped paper. I think that I went a bit nutso with it. There's got to be some place in the middle that makes for a personalized and unique artists business card without too much work.