Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strange Fruit

My husband has started to shop around in the exotic fruit department looking for "artist's models" for my oil pastel works. This is a cactus pear I think. I'm adding the model to the art work so you can see I wasn't *channeling Mars* or something. It's strange but still fruit.

I have no idea what this is and by the time he got home from the grocery, my husband had forgotten what it was. He liked it because it was *yellow*. He thought I would like it because it had stripes and "you haven't done any striped fruit". Needs work. Not much in the way of excitement in this fruit. Perhaps if I cut it open??? The biggest obstacle: I don't have the color pastel to actually do this yellowy greenish color. It looks a whole lot paler here at my house.

I painted 2 pieces of fabric today and they are less than interesting. Yesterday I painted on dry fabric and today on damp. I now know I don't like the way damp turns out. I may overpaint the two "losers" and get more of a range of light to dark. Right now all is light. I took photos but Blogger doesn't want to load that particular photo. I tried to do the two fruits and the fabric and I got the --makes me so happy--"this file contains no data"--note. Four times. So I did just the fruit and here we are.

If I have a few hours of free time later--I'll try and load the fabric picture four or five more times. Yeh, sure I will.


kathy said...

wow! Those are both done so well, and what a great idea to shop for fruit! I think the yellow fuit is so interesting in the coloration....whatever green you're talking about is not needed!

Deb R said...

Your hubby is a good fruit shopper. Those are both very interesting looking!

Sonji Hunt said...

My husband also purchases exotic fruit. I love that top piece. It would make a wonderful painting (or art quilt or painted fabric or all of it). Already a nifty drawing.