Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friday's Art on Sunday

I finally got my collages done-on Saturday, in my robe and slippers, well into the day. I just can't seem to get up any earlier than 11. And I try. Is my nose growing? These chair images from magazines have been around for quite awhile waiting for me to notice this arrangement. Glad I waited because I like this--alot. Good color, pattern--interesting to the eye.

Now this one serves no purpose other than amusing me. Year of the Dog. I tore out every one of these images I found in magazines--it's an ad for a carpet cleaner. Tediously cut the dog part out of the ad and then just piled them up---till I found the dog in the chair--red, too. They are having a little lesson-about lazy behaviour. Talk about the pot and the kettle!!!

This came about because as I sorted through a LARGE box of magazine pages I came across a page with fish on newspaper. Then, hours later came across a fine art painting of fish and newspaper. How long do you think it took to find the first picture again???? Way too long. I added some tissue over the real fish on the plate--I just do not like fish. This is sort of an essay in pictures of art and reality. Not.

A little "happiness" collage. One door closes and another opens type of thing. I like how the dove is sort of flying out of the heart. The dragonfly represents rebirth or renewal. It's all symbolic and just plain colorful. I collaged a section of a paper napkin--the circles-- to the surface and that was messy but kind of fun. Layers of Meaning was related to Art Collage and Journals this week and was appropriate reading for me, as I had just made these.

Now I am returning to the workroom with a box of gallon size plastic bags. I sorted the images--yet again--and plan to segregate them into subject: florals, vegetables, eyes, repeats, text, chairs (I have more). I pulled out the "how to" and decorating stuff that always manages to get into everything. The recipes have calmed down some. They have their "special place" in a rather large bag--which I notice is sitting much too close to the shredder---I will move that to a safer spot in the kitchen. A friend has her images in boxes. Less likely to slither around as plastic bags do. But where would I put boxes????


kathy said...

these are beautiful!. The chair and the dogs are my favorites...the chair because of the bold colors and vertical interesting that you could do that so seamlessly (I guess that's what good collage is all about) and I thought perhaps you had manipulated the dogs in some photoshop program, but no! Just cut and paste?

Sonji Hunt said...

Great collages. I, too, like the vibrant color of the chairs. I'm a big fan of structure, too and the chairs easily convey that, so I'm eating it up. And who doesn't love dogs. Funnycutekissyfaces.

Plus, you go right ahead and stay in bed till 11 for those of us who get up much earlier. More power to you!

judy coates perez said...

Lovely collages. Have you met my sister Deb Silva, she is really into artist journals, and altered books, and lives in south portland. Deborah B knows her.

By the way have you got your husband started on the table yet? if you have any questions about it just drop me a note.

Cindra said...

While I really love the chair and dogs, there is something about the colors of your last collage that make me smile and feel filled with sunshine. You, too?

Frances said...

I like these collages, chairs and happiness are my favourites,