Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Made a Stamp

A long time ago, in a galaxy...... no, that was Star Wars. This is a stamp I made today. I had planned to make a stamp years ago, when I bought the stamp "stuff" and cutter. This stamp making isn't as easy as it looks. Well, it is easy to cut. But to make a stamp that has *wow* value--well, that seems to be very hard to do. Where, exactly, would I use this particular stamp I made today? In my journal. As today's entry. Love the little circle dots. Should have made it all about them and forgotten the squiggly lines. Need another cutting block.

Today has been all about Avoidance. I got a big stack of catalogs in the mail today. I looked at all of them--even the ones, like LLBean, that bore the socks off me. I made cream of wheat cereal for lunch with sugar, butter and cinnamon on top (comfort food). I may take a shower. A real long one to use up some more time. Curling comes on at 4 pm. Anything, to stall going into the studio and seeing the awful mess I've made of the Africa quilt. I have to unsew the whole thing. And put the pieces in the trash. Why you ask? If I put it in whole--it will come back out of the wastebasket in hopes of a miracle. There are no miracles for this piece of crap.

And today held so much promise. Still time for something swell to happen. I could go for a ride in the car, though it would be more fun if someone else was driving. I could order tomato seeds and think about summer and my garden. I could take a nap or read my book. Avoidance.


Diane said...

Hey! Today was avoidance day at MY house, too! You think we can make it a national holiday? I was going to all sorts of things...but I took a big chunk of the mid-day to knit and watch a movie. Very enjoyable. Some days you just have to let the avoidance happen!

Rayna said...

Great stamp! No, it isn't all that easy. I teach exactly what you are doing (among other things) and there are lots of possibilities. Do I come to Maine? I haven't, but there are enough fiber artists that I really should. Meantime, I will be at Friends Fabric Art in Lowell,MA, Aug 3-4 teaching a surface design smorgsbord or sampler, or whatever you want to call it. Lotsa stuff.
I really love your blog.

PaMdora said...

I like the stamp very much. Sometimes it's good to step away from a project and do something completely different. Who knows when you return you may have new inspiration!

martha in ny said...

Hello. Nice stamp. I have made alot of paintings with stamps carved from linoleum.

Scrapmaker said...

I'm late to comment, but I really like the stamp too.
Put that quilt away for a while and come back to it. All or part of it may look better to you on a different day.You can always cut it up to save the best parts. Jen