Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bobby and Stephanie

I have not strayed off the "artful" path very often in this blog but today you meet another side of ME! I have been watching "Boy Meets Grill" a cooking show with Bobby Flay. Well, on Thursday he had his brand new wife on the show and they were "cooking" together. Strange couple.

Bobby is all rough edges, New Yawk, bites his fingernails to the quick (makes watching him cook disgusting) and (as you can see from my drawing) he's not good looking. He does look worlds better in his chef coat. Think Sopranos.

Stephanie is from TEXAS. She's well educated and genteel. Tall, blonde and thin. An actress. She gave up her role as ADA on Law and Order SVU to be "closer to Bobby". Very big diamond on the engagement ring and more on the wedding ring.

She watches him. To catch any mistakes he makes. After all the cooking, the two sat down to eat chicken and biscuits. Bobby was eating chicken, talking etc and Stephanie was saying "use your napkin". Then, Bobby with a huge mouthful of chicken leaned over to kiss Stephanie on the mouth. I could almost hear her saying "EEEEH!

A true Beauty and the Beast. Let the countdown begin on how long this will last! Stephanie just signed on for another Law and Order. Doesn't need to be as "close to Bobby" any more???

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