Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Day in Avoidance

I got some journal page ideas from Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal. " Cut a shape from several random pages of a magazine and then collage them on a journal page." I grabbed a clump of pages and cut out a circle and then cut out the center. I did use some text from a catalog and a receipt. How do I start? So true.

My morning collage from Thursday. I over printed it this morning with my new stamp. Sorry for the glare. I have a skylight over the table (where I eat, read and make stamps) and there is always a glare. We have snow today. More glare. That's a toilet paper tube in the center. I had planned to insert something--sort of like a pocket. I'd also like to use grommets. Work in progress.

My new stamp. I pressed it over the surface repeatedly to see what happened. Turning it. I think it might be more graphic in a different color--but this green was "to hand" so that's what I used. A bit messy. I'll do better next time. I have plans for this stamp--as an overprint on some commercial fabric.

And that brings me to the real topic of today's post. Now that I have opened Pandora's Box, so to speak, and painted blank fabric with designs and colors I like---what happens to the thousands of dollars worth of commercial fabric--very nice stuff with dots--that is sitting in my closet? Yes, I hear all of you saying "sell it". But you live in bright colored places. I live in Maine. When quilters here see my work they always ask-"where do you buy that fabric?" and it sometimes is said with an unspoken "and why did you buy it?" I say Atlanta, Chicago, and Sunnyvale & Petaluma, California. Not in Maine.

Now that I have said all this--I can imagine that a few Mainers and quilters on the blog might actually want some of this fabric for themselves. I could also sell it from this site or make another "storefront" site. So there is a solution. I was never a bed quilt quilter. I tried wearing that shoe--but it pinched my toes something fierce.


PaMdora said...

I love Keri's Wish Jar Journal book, but to be honest, I haven't done any of her exercises. I just read the book in the bathroom where I have a little shelf of books that are written so I can read one page at a time.

You send me any bright, commercially printed fabrics you don't want anymore , when you start growing less cucumbers of course! LOL

smarcoux said...

heeh love the curling rings! thanks for the comment on my blog.
Now I just went back in your blog and I have been here quite a few times just not posted.
I love your pieces that you painted with the circles .. there is a piece in the v and a museum like those, also your angel fabulous and stamps are yummy. keep up the great work

kathy said...

The title of this post is NOT appropriate...just because you're not working with fabric, do you think you're avoiding? Your journal pages are so creative and to me they're like warm-ups for the other stuff that couldn't come without them. And are you saying your days of using commercial fabric are coming to a close?