Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Day After

Incredible sadness.  The young guy who did my tile work in the walk in shower decided that living was too hard to do anymore.  The story is not mine to tell.  But my heart breaks for his pain.  And I will always be reminded of him--with each shower I take.  Life is hard but this........ my shower will always be the last shower he would ever tile.  Beautifully done.  A true craftsman.

My carpenters are working in the master bedroom--installing closet doors.  I just decided to measure and see if I would be able to open the doors when the bed is in the room.  W just looked at me with his mouth open---"now, you wonder if the doors have room to open?"  Yes, I said.  G and I live life on the edge.  ........They have plenty of extra room to swing wide open.  Thank goodness!

And, did I tell you I found the roll of master bedroom wallpaper so we can do patches in a few spots?
I found it in the living room on the back cushion of one of the big chairs (almost behind the cushion).    G kept saying he's seen it somewhere but couldn't remember where.

The weather the past two days has been terrible.  Cold, no sun, and lots of drizzle.  We are all wearing layers of clothing.  Shivering.  May is usually the most glorious of months here in Maine.  Spring blossoms on the trees, daffodils, tulips etc, blue skies and sunshine.  Our son was going to visit in May but had work issues.  Good thing.  He can enjoy rain and cold at home in the northwest.

Did you know Andrew Jackson was involved in the Civil War sixteen years AFTER he died and was buried? Sort of "Back To The Future" time travel. Thank you D. Trump for the history lesson.  And D Trump also figured out that Lincoln was the first Republican president.  That super private school he attended must have really been GREAT.  I don't think D Trump has ever actually read a B.O.O.K.

So sad.  But perhaps the whole Civil War "thing" was just fake news???


DianeN said...

I am so very sorry to read this news about the young man who did your tile work. I hope he has found the peace that he couldn't find in life. Such a sad loss.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, such sadness about that young man. I have no words.