Thursday, May 25, 2017

An Examined Life- Looking Back And Forward

I had a dream or vision the other night.  Falling asleep was difficult and I was tired. I don't know where this particular "thought" came from but it was visual and memorable.

I was on the ground (at work) looking up at myself floating higher and higher in a mist of sparkling gold dust.  I kept looking down at my body--my red frame eyeglasses.  And I kept saying "I thought I had more time".

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time--you know I am continually putting off doing things I might actually enjoy doing.  I spend too much time doing things that others could do just as well.  I feel compelled to be working and earning.  I (we) have enough of nearly everything--but Time it would seem.  I may not have enough Time.  I need to "re-calculate".

At work, I have been "cleaning out my work clothes closet" and bringing in company tees and sweatshirts.  To give to other employees.  My employer gives everyone two tees per year (times 10 years equals 20 tees)  Some of us do not have access to home laundry equipment.  How very grateful the girls were to have two more, each.  Used but clean.

Perhaps this is where the "dream" came from.  Clearing out the work space.  Searching for more quality time.  Re- Calculating as the voice on the navigation system keeps saying.

Today two carpenters are here nailing in the new hardwood floor in my master bedroom.  It looks wonderful.  And--miracles happen---the master bathroom vanity has been delivered.  And it's the right height, the right size and the right color.  And nothing is broken, scratched or dented.  The floor matched up perfectly to the bathroom tile floor.  They are working from the headboard side of the room toward the double closets.  That's when work will slow down.  Flooring goes into the closets. I could have kept it carpet--but..... this is the only time I will have a house to my personal specs.

I went to Walmart today to buy Aveeno soap.  They had it so I got two bars.


Annie said...

Love the descriptions of your renovation. Um, Joanne are you at least thinking about retiring from your greenhouse job? I think you could find lots to do at home, and you can enjoy your new rooms.
You didn't have any trouble finding your way to Walmart, did you? (teasing)

Joanne S said...

No, Annie, I found my way to Walmart real easy--as it's just down the street from the greenhouse--I pass it coming and and going to work. I got an apology from Whole Foods and they are giving guidance to the team member who was so rude to me. They used my description of her to actually identify her by name. Cheryl.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I'm guessing that the dream was work related, something in you is looking at retiring from that part of your life. I'm like you, feel the need to be working and earning, but maybe there are other good things coming for us.