Saturday, May 13, 2017

Not The Black Door--The Two Side Containers

I can still have the door painted black.  And I might do it.  Just the outside of the door.  Not the sidelights.  Not inside. But I DO LOVE the look of those little square boxes.  My porch is the width of the house and deep so there wouldn't be any "good light" for the little boxwoods.  I was thinking of cedars in a tall cone shape.  Still no light.

The Day Before Mother's Day.  9.5 hours at work.  Walking, walking and more walking.  Repots all day long.  From the way back of the greenhouse, up the ramp into the garden center part of the store to the cash registers and then back to the potting bench to do the work and then back to give the work to the customer and then back to the potting bench.  Over and Over and Over.

My Mother's Day Reward was a large Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae.  Loved every spoonful.

I piled a large stack of items on the hall stairway to the second floor.  For tomorrow--to carry upstairs and out of the way.  Our warm Winter clothing.  More coats and jackets.  Two ironing boards.  A pile of fabric, tablecloths etc.  I found a white linen king fitted sheet with a rip I had been intending to mend for probably longer than 5 years.  I am going to mend it with Jude's Invisible Tacking Stitch. I may start tomorrow. I enjoy the stitching process.  It's not a stitch I have ever used before but I really like the way it can bind/meld layers of fabric. I made a few little four patches by hand and then tacked the 1/4 inch flat and open.  Loved running my fingers over the seams and stitches.  This tactile "feeling" is what I miss most about quilting.  running my hands and finger tips over the seams and patches.  The placement of the ripped/mended section will fit nicely under the pillows. It ripped when it was under my feet.  A thin area in the weave.  Probably why it was a "second".

I am in "one of those moods"--possibly because I am taking so much Prednisone or it could be fatigue.  Wondering if I have enough time to "wear out" the clothing I own--wondering if it makes sense to buy any more clothing--I would like a dress and more flannel pajama pants.  Wondering if I will outlive my 2008 Fit with 33,000 miles on it.  I highly doubt it (laughing).  I don't think I have 10 more years of driving in me. Never have enjoyed driving.  But I could still be driving into my 90's.  Odder things have happened and I got a VERY LATE START---getting my license at THIRTY.

G planted my Mother's Day Peach trees today. They look very nice.  We went crazy and planted them in the front yard.  Best light, soil and I can see them all the time.

The rhubarb pie needed an extra 40 minutes to bake.  The rhubarb was still crispy after an hour.  I made the best pie crust.  Butter and flour and water.  Lovely texture and after a chill in the fridge it rolled out so smooth.  I need to make more crusts.  More pies.  Lovely.

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