Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Glass Guys Installed The Shower Door & Herb Garden Plans

Finally.  The glass doors.  One is stationary on top of the cutaway that has the shower knobs etc in the tiled short wall and the little bench for shaving your legs  (really, the tile guy said that).  The short wall with the knobs is so you can turn on the water and not get wet doing it.

 And then there is the door. five feet at least but maybe six.  With chrome edges and really wonderful square hardware things that attach the door to the wall. And a handle. Looks REALLY expensive.

The Carpenter Guys did say it was the most expensive of the five bath remodels they are doing.

I think I will be taking a chair in there and just sitting and looking at it all.  Saying "this is mine--really mine".  So pleased and so happy.  And I will be thinking of the tile guy.  And saying thank you.

Next up is the Painting Guy and his Helper.  Monday morning at 8am.

Then, hopefully, the Plumber and the hook up of the shower and all the wonderful things in the hall closet from Kohler.  Shower head, hand shower, hand shower holder, lever knobs.

And someday the vanity I designed (hey, it's all custom here -and all solid wood).  The granite top and the square sinks undermounted for super easy cleaning and the single lever faucets. Only the one for each sink.  Just a chrome column with a lever on top.

G forgot to ask the glass guy if the huge mirror that was once in the master bath could be sliced into three pieces and used above the vanities in the two new bathrooms.  Sort of like walls.  Of mirror.
From the sink top to the top of the tower of drawers in the center of the vanity.  Hope he can cut it.
Its 72 inches wide and five feet more or less tall.  Covered the entire wall behind my sinks almost to the ceiling.  My old sinks.

After 26 plus years--I got used to the big mirror.   Lots and lots of reflected light.  Amazing light.

But only if he can cut it.  Otherwise I think might be too expensive to buy new.

Well, I'm getting tired.  Garden work tomorrow.  Digging out all the resident herbs, adding soil, then putting everything back in along with new tarragon, new marjoram, new dill, new parsley, new calendula.  The old thyme is doing great as are the two lavender plants.  I moved the mint to the front yard under the old crab tree.  As a minty fresh ground cover.  I yanked the pot of mint roots out of the bed and if it's sprouting--that will also be relocated to the front bed.  The buried pot of chives stays. Keeps it from getting too big.

I am thinking of getting my French Potager book with drawings of French herb gardens to see if there is a simple layout that would look good in my little garden. Perhaps a woven line?  Attached squares on point?  I could also go and buy some tiny boxwood to edge it all. I think Lowes had some a few weeks ago--but it might be all gone by now.  They go through things pretty quickly.

Something to be thinking about as I drift off to sleep tonight.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

A little bench for shaving your legs! Who knew! So happy for you as your renovations take shape.