Saturday, May 06, 2017

Entrance Hallway To Be.

Not mine but the vibe is the same.  White walls.  dark floor.  This is wood and mine will be black slate tiles.  I have a table like this behind one of the sofas in the living room.  (yes, I have two sofas) And that table will go into the hallway.  With a lovely watercolor I purchased many years ago above it.  I mentioned to the artist that I had purchased it.  She replied "I never liked it".  And the conversation ended.

The painter comes on Monday.  To start painting everything white.  Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

My front door went in on Friday.  I had the two carpenters and the General Contractor working on it. They seemed to be having fun and looked happy.  So I made them brownies with extra chocolate chips and served them in bowls, warm from the oven.  My front door has many windows.  And the light is just flooding in.  So, so lovely.  Instead of the gingerbready trim--I now have simple flat board trim.  We all agreed it looked amazingly good.  And Right.

It's really like the house is happy to be having the changes made.  Like THIS is the way it should have always been.  The three guys thought the door removal and the installation would be "difficult" (they had planned for two or three days to do it) and the three of them just sort of shook their heads that it was almost effortless.  Started at 9am and completely finished by 3 pm.  Locks matched to our original old doors.  The only loose end was the doorbell.

I'm thinking two matching box planters (in black) on either side of the door with some sort of boxwood or cedar planted in them.  I may have to move the Indian (from India) Goddess of Plenty to a new spot.  But, maybe not.  She sure has been doing a fantastic job next to the doorway into the house.  Perhaps, she will also help in the back of the house with the gardens???

Anyway.  Tomorrow a day of rest.  I am making a huge pan of meatballs and marinara sauce.  My supermarket had a big sale on ground beef.  $2.69 a pound for 85%.  Almost half price.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

SO fun for me to watch your house dreams come true.