Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Contact Dermatitis

Yep.  Not a Food Allergy.  Just stuff getting on my hands and making "contact" with my face.

Got a LONG list of products I can use.  I asked about my super innocent goat's milk fragrance free face soap.  No.  Not on the LIST.

Lucky for me--g goes to the same dermatologist and got the LIST many years ago (it seems) and then went out and bought all the stuff and never used it.  So I have Aveeno soap, moisture cream and super 24 hour cream plus the shower body wash.  I bought little take with tubes of some thing on the LIST to take to work with me.  Wash my face every few hours to get dust and dirty off myself.  Not Aveeno.

I also have 64 Prednisone10 pills to take.  A bunch of them four times a day for 4 days.  Then a smaller bunch for another 4 days.  Then a small bunch for the next 4 days etc until I take one a day until they are gone.  You do the math.  I can't think straight.  With milk.  The pills are taken with milk--not math. And the doctor recommends I take them all early in the day  or I won't be able to sleep.  Great.

So far today, pills, milk and washed my face three times.  I was gardening.  Nothing itching and this new stuff doesn't burn when I rub it on my skin.  PAT it on my skin.

Riley is taking Amoxicillin.  Four times a day.  He has something Labs get.  To do with the muscles in their throat and breathing.  His "panic attack" yesterday was because the muscles weren't flexing and he was having trouble breathing.  It's like they get stuck in closed and can't transition to open. Which must be SUPER stressful.  In fact, most of Riley's gakking, choking and gagging in the past months has been due to the throat thing.  And we were doing nothing.  So now we know.  And now he has pills.  He was super relaxed today and took several long naps.

He is also taking big blue pills for his liver.  Which is shrinking.  Expensive pills.  But who cares--he's worth every dollar.

So that's it.  The prednisone has given me acid reflux (didn't drink enough milk with pills), a low grade headache, and a cough (it affects some asthmas- which is funny because my doctor gave it to me when I had my cough--I didn't fill the prescription).   And now I am going to bed. I'm sleepy.

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