Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Washer and Dryer Hooked Up

Yes, indeed.  One.  Thing.  Done.

Now I can wash and dry clothes etc.  And since it is that time of year of digging, clearing and mowing--we get dirty.

It took some logistics to get the 32 year old stacked washer and dryer back in the small "room" that was created for the "Washing of Clothes" and a trip to the store for a new drain hose that is longer (and less brittle).  A test load of water to see if anything leaked and the Carpenters left to tear off a roof somewhere down the road while the sun shined.  (but now it looks like rain)

I think the Carpenters felt I could WAIT on all the rest if I was able to do laundry here at home.

Someday........who's counting days?  The plumber will return and hook everything up and we can take a shower in the new walk in shower but the glass man has to come with the custom doors first.  And where are the new radiators?

The vanity is on indefinite "not ready now" so that won't be coming anytime soon.  They said two weeks and it's now into the 7th or 8th week.  My guess is that no one will come to hook up anything until the vanity shows up.  And since there is nothing else ready to work on---we will just get used to  (more comfortable with) plastic taped to doorways.

Because as soon as bathroom number one is finished they will demo bathroom number two.  And how long until THAT vanity arrives?

I am going to see the Dermatologist this afternoon for my follow up visit.  And my rash is back so he can actually SEE it.  Has anyone ever been this happy to have a rash return?  See.....I didn't just "imagine" I had a rash.  G has said I should stop applying medicine and let the rash get really red and irritated before the visit.  Yeah.  Sounds good but the rash itches, the skin burns and makes me crazy.
So I apply Benadryl cream.  Makes it stop itching but doesn't make it go away.

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