Thursday, May 04, 2017

Beautiful Kitchen

If my bathrooms, bedroom hardwood floor and doors (painted) ever get close to being done--and we still haven't finished the master bath so we can't begin tearing the hall bath apart.......I will have THIS kitchen.  To the right of that cute little pantry--I have a door into the room where some who have owned this house had a dining room.  We have a big couch and the tv instead.  And a nice desk I got from an employer I had once at the Little Traveler in Geneva, Illinois with my computer on it--where I sit right now as I type this.

We aren't "dining room" people.  The very huge and very heavy chandelier that hung from the ceiling and that I though might fall and kill someone--is in the attic (we put up a ceiling fan).  We should take that  light fixture to the local "yard sale".  We've already taken all the bifold closet doors and two of the regular "passage doors". Habitat said no but the hospital charity said "'wow, yes!!"

You learn so much when you are forced to buy the hardware.  Dummy knobs (pull), passage knobs (no locks but the knob turns/clicks) and bedroom/bath knobs (locks).  I was set on black round knobs but then read about Aging In Place and the fact that as we get older (not me!!!) our hands are less able to grip and turn knobs.  The author recommended lever knobs.  You just have to push down.  So now I am wondering about that type.  We already have levers (French) on several doors in the house: Atrium doors, French doors, Patio double doors and now--soon to be on the front door. So it could be easy to just have them on everything.   And I still have to chose bathroom light fixtures.

I went to work at 10:30 this morning and left at 6:19.  I never stopped working.  Non-stop.  I am exhausted.  Just about made it into the shower but now that I am clean--I feel just a little bit more perky.  Had to find a tick that was roaming around on G's neck.  Bad tick season this year.

My dinner has arrived.  G and Riley went out to get it.  Nice Caesar Salad for me.  Maybe a glass of red wine.  Then.......well, I will try to watch some television.  Up early tomorrow when the workers get here.  At least the guy who listens to Rush Limbaugh at top volume won't be working tomorrow.
I often wonder if I should request he not listen to it in my house?  What do you think?

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Interesting question. It IS your house. And yet, he might do a snarky little tweak to your renovation. I think I'd either let it go or ask him to turn down the volume.