Sunday, April 30, 2017

Full Stop- Construction

It happens.  To us.  And I guess to our General Contractor (GC).  Too many clients.  Too many bathrooms and only the one tile guy and only the one plumber. one came to hook up the washer.  So today I carried it all plus four floor rugs and two dog blankets to the Laundromat.

I can safely say that from now on the floor rugs and dog blankets will ALL be going to the Laundromat  each and EVERY time they need washing.  Hot water, large machine.  What's not to like?  Well, the $7 to get the machine going.

The Laundromat continues in the long running saga of life to be a Continual Puzzle to me.  Human Development or the lack thereof.  And I still had unused quarters in my pocket this time.  Why hasn't some do-gooder opened a free laundromat for those in need???  Or at least make the dryers free?? Perhaps in the second 100 Days.

 I think tomorrow J & W (carpenters) will be back trying to finish installing the new closet doors in my bedroom.  No bi-fold.  Real doors.  The GC says bi-fold is only used "now" for starter homes.  His opinion was given when we tried to interest Habitat for Humanity in the bi-folds we were taking out.  They said "no".  In fact, Habitat says no to quite a lot of donations.  Didn't even want to stop by and look at what we had.  I had decided from the first to use real doors.  No hollow ones.

It's still too cold and damp for the guys to tear out the old front door, do carpentry to frame out for the new door.  The new door is in the garage and I look at it every day.  It is going to be so nice.  Lots of windows to let in light.  Also it's "thermal" so it will also keep heat in and cold out.  This wasn't the case when the old fireplace brick wall was pushed out and we had tarps up and nothing else.  That was summer.  This isn't.  And those were big French Doors we were installing.  Love those doors!!!

I am feeling so much better with the 2 week treatment of the stronger inhaler.  No need of the rescue inhaler, even on Saturday--9 hours on my feet running around at work.  And I had a lot of re-pots and that means soils etc.  So--it's all good.  I did find a SECOND tick on my clothing.  Reports are that this is going to be a heavy tick season.  The first tick was in my hair at the back of my neck. So I have to check myself.

I swept and swept and swept up the dirt, dust bunnies and debris that is all over the house.  It just sort of "drifts" from the construction zone and the garage and the yard.  Dust pans full of grit.  And the mess that fell out of the runner rugs when I shook them?  Well, no Good Housekeeping Award for me.  Mostly the floors are now plywood.  So no walking barefoot even in socks.

I finished up the tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon and bread that I took to work yesterday for lunch.  Finished it for today's lunch.  Having coffee to warm myself up.  That's about all for now.  My days off are spent cleaning, sweeping, wiping, stacking, moving, sorting, packing into containers for the attic, and for entertainment--I am pruning rose bushes, shrubs etc. plus cutting web worm nests out of the fruit trees.  Oh--and also "looking for stuff" we already put away.

Tomorrow--work.  Where I can rest up. (laughing)

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