Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Still Sick -Still Coughing

My cough is strong.  "coughing up a lung" is the way the worker men describe it.  I called out from work.  Wouldn't have been able to stand upright for any period of usable time.  DayQuil.  Tea.  More Tea.  A nap.  That's about it for today. Trying to keep germs to myself.

I have a call into my doctor's office.  They say they might be able to call back in the next 2 hours to chat with me.  Wednesday.  Don't really think anyone is at work.  A bad cough and exhaustion.  Sounds like pneumonia to me but I don't have a medical degree.  And there isn't much other than rest and liquids that can be done.

Not much else to say.

What I've Been Eating:  The turmeric broth with carrots, peas, corn and rice noodles. The vegetable combo is what was in the fridge and freezer.  The rice noodles in the pantry.  Tea. Clementines.

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Annie said...

Ooh, that sounds awful, do hope you feel better. Hope you get to talk with your doctor!