Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring and Pansies

At work--the pansies are taking the second row.  Easter Lilies the first row.  Easter seems too quick this year.  I must really be getting old.  Time speeds up as we age.  I am always reminded of the way time seemed to slow and not move when I was a child.  Waiting.  Always waiting.  Now, things just seem to rush past.

Easter.  I had wanted to put up an Easter Tree with all the old German ornaments.  While packing everything into the attic room--I found the ornaments I thought were long lost to me.  Little rabbits, chicks and eggs.  So sweet.  I never did buy the tiny carrot ornaments.  Perhaps they never really existed.  Perhaps I just imagined them?  Now it's too late.

And Taxes.  I was supposed to do them and then got sick.  Doing complicated taxes while sick and woozy isn't "a good thing" so now I am behind and rushed.  Worse thing.  It will work out.  I have been in worst situations regarding the taxes.  Last, last minute.  Working and reworking with calculator and pencils.  It's about a four hour job now with the computer.  Just need to set aside the four hours.

Work--I think I am good enough to return to work tomorrow.  We'll see.  I can always decide to sit and rest if I feel fatigued.  I am teaching on Saturday.  Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces.  Mostly it will be about containers.  Small spaces usually means no ground for digging a garden.

I potted up my dahlia tubers yesterday.  Five large pots and 4 smaller ones for the small sets of tubers. I think most are Park Princess my favorite cactus dahlias.  Pink.  Petals shaped like little fireworks explosions.  I intend for some, if not all, to go into the garden beds this summer.  Not stay in pots. We had way too many pots on the front steps, ground in front of the steps etc.  Plus the indoor plants on the porch itself--out of direct sun.  And then the large containers full of annuals (petunias mostly).  It was colorful and cheerful but such a job to keep it all watered.  I often felt like I did nothing else each day but water.  Hours of hauling hose.  More work than at work.

The truth is evident.  I have chosen to create a very expensive master bathroom.  Very.  I thought, at first, when the contractors referred to my bathroom project as the largest of the five in progress right now, that they were referring to size.  But it isn't that large.  Now I realize it's "large" in cost of materials.  I have asked for, and been given, what I wanted.  Not knowing that the very simple design is also very costly.  The very large walk in shower is being tiled in white subway tiles with a thin line of the black slate flooring as a pinstripe.  Black granite bench and trim on the shower entrance.  Glass doors to come.  Well, I guess I have "good taste" or something.

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