Friday, April 07, 2017

Getting Better

Well, if the computer will co-operate I will be letting you know I am getting better.  Mucinex to the rescue.  Productive coughing.  Rather than just annoying coughing.

I spent yesterday watching the two Elizabeth movies with Cate Blanchard.  Loved the Armada burning in the ocean.  Also loved the clothes.  The dresses.  They must have cost a fortune.

It's red grapefruit season and I bought 3 lovely ones and have them segmented and prepped for yogurt  lunches this weekend.  Today I am finally able to drink the smoothie I made--------days ago. The raw cashews have thickened it up a bit too much and I added too many blueberries so it's less peachy than I like.  Soothing to a throat roughened up by coughing.  My voice is deep and croak-y.  Like I have been smoking for decades.

It rained most of yesterday.  Today I got a few rays of sunshine out on the back steps.  Felt energetic enough to dig up the Ajuga that invades the back garden bed--every single year.  People actually BUY the stuff.  I dig it up.

The TiVo remote stopped controlling the on/off/mute controls yet again.  This is the new remote. I also dug the old one out of the trash to see if it wanted to try working again.  It did not.

Well, I just coughed a lot and need to return to the couch.  Close my eyes.

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Annie said...

So pleased to read you are doing better, hope it continues! : )