Saturday, May 03, 2014

Time Is Speeding Up, Just When I Want It Slow

 You get this picture because, well, because I am not tech savvy enough to get rid of it.  I think the floor here is awfully busy.  I can't imagine why I had it in the picture files.

Now this one I remember tucking into the files.  I am reminded of visits to my friend M's lovely house in Sonoma.  The tile roof. The stone terraces, steps and pots full of gorgeous lemon trees.  M even had a lovely fountain with water making that lovely sound in the background as we sat, talked and looked out over the grapes and olive trees to the distant views of Oakland.  With not a building between us and that far away city.

That house, terrace, and water fountain are all gone.  Purchased and bulldozed.  And another house built in it's place. By other people. The sins of money.  I hope they are at least enjoying the view.

Today.  I am enjoying a day off.  My knee aches.  A general "looseness" of the tendons.  I have to be mindful when setting my foot to the ground.  Other than that, I am in good spirits.  My seedlings are pulling themselves out of the dirt in their little pots (on a heating mat covered by a space blanket of reflective shiny silver) and the tomato and pepper seedlings (purchased) are under lights growing by the minute.  I intend to go out to the garden and plant my toilet paper seed tapes.  Carrot, beet, turnip etc. today.  It's still cool (cold) out there and rain is coming.

Will warm Spring ever come to Maine?

I spend my days at work identifying lawn weeds and bugs (so early for bugs), giving hope to owners of winter damaged shrubs and trees, and repotting houseplants ravaged by the long, cold, dark winter.
We Mainers, will have the Winter of 2013 as a marker for years to come.  Too long.  Too cold. Too dark.  And it is working it's way into May.  The petunias are in the greenhouse and the Mother's Day fuchsias are bursting with blossoms.  The coming week will be very busy as family from away remember their mothers in Maine.

I have "housework" to do when it's too cold for me outside today.  Pot roast to set in the oven later.  New pots for my old orchids (still putting out flower spikes to my delight).  G has done the floors and I have caught up with the laundry, so I can do some little things I have put off for too long.

Like carrying the two boxes of "too small" pants and tops up into the attic storage room.  I will NOT bring down the box of "too large" tops.  I will NOT.  Six weeks into the "diet" and I weigh 3 pounds more than when I began.  I am heartsick over this.  I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong, or what I have to change.  The situation brings me to tears.  I don't want this to be my "reality".

Enough of that.  The sun is shining right now.  The dirt out in the garden is calling me.

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