Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer? Almost.

I carried the storage boxes of size 14 and 16 clothing up to the attic "sewing room".  It was called that--the "sewing room" by the former owner who had a corner of the large attic drywalled into a room.  We use it for storage.  All my silk flowers are now co-mingling with my smaller sized clothing.  I think my son's vast collection of vintage (1980's) Lego sets is up there as well.  Think of the $$$'s I could get on E-bay.

I brought down a box of linen shirts from my own "vintage" FAT days.  Guess what.  Too Large.  Well, that was a good moral booster.  The white shirts are now in the washer and will soon be cut up and made into delightful little linen pillow cases for my travel sized down pillow.

I now have lots of new space in the bedroom where the stacked boxes made a night time visit to the loo--a real obstacle course.

I am dressed in my summer "uniform" and it feels good after such a long, long Winter.  I have on my cropped knit pants (that were once black), white v-neck tee (that is now shapeless) and a faded blue work shirt I bought in Ohio at K-mart when I used to visit my dad.  I have a nice half dozen but always seem to be wearing the same one.

Which means I actually only need one shirt.  Because it never wears out.  And always fits, no matter what I weight.  It's like a magical shirt.  Oh, and it always washes up good as new no matter how filthy I get it.  How often can we say that?

Yesterday was Mother's Day at work.  Ugh!  It was good most of the time--but getting all the "gifts" sorted and delivered wore me out.  And it was hot.  And things needed watering.  And my knee was stiff.  By the time I got home, my ankles were swollen.

I have managed (by drinking gallons of water) to work most of the swelling out of my ankles and legs.  The knee is feeling less stiff each day (better on my days off) but I know a few pounds of weight loss would help even more than rest and water intake.  But wishing hasn't made it so.

G is back from his lawn mowing job and now I am going to help him spread mulch.  Because that's the kind of nice person I am.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

My K Mart just closed - that's where I got all my tee's, and at crazy good prices, too. Oh, well, I have enough to last for awhile. Can't find my summer shorts yet, I know they're here somewhere.