Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey! Who Took Summer Away?

Yesterday was a pretty okay day.  Some clouds.  Not really warm.  But good enough to invite people over and grill a bunch of vegetables (summer squashes, red peppers, corn on the cob, onions), two hamburgers (all I had) and a package of hot dogs.  We ate everything.

I especially liked the burnt to a crisp hot dogs with mustard.  I tucked two into each bun.  Ate 6.

Then, we had rhubarb custard pie.  Would have been extra nice with vanilla ice cream but I have no space in the freezer for anything.

This morning I woke up to COLD RAIN.  And it was like that ALL DAY.  I don't think we got above 55 degrees.  And the greenhouse doors are open.  So the wet, cold, damp just filled the place.  I got home and just stood in the shower with the hottest water to get warm.

G is installing blinds on all the new windows.  Because we are optimists.  We actually think the sun will shine.  And it will be necessary to shield ourselves from the glare.

After my shower my muscles were all warmed up so I vacuumed the wood floors.  Riley is in the midst of his annual hair loss and his doggie fuzz is all over everything.  As is dust, grit and dirt that G and I track into the house from the yard, dog walks in the woods, the garden etc.

Then I sat down to check blogs.  A few people have posted something new today but most have not. So I decided to read reviews of some of the shows that I watch.  Comments on the final episodes. Explanations of plot points (I really do not pick up on all the points that are being pointed out).

We have found things on Netflix to watch.  Damages.  And on television we are watching the new 24.  We are WAY BEHIND (episode 2 last night and I think we may have already watched #3 by accident thinking it was #1).  I am hoping there will be a new season of Longmire & Covert Affairs this summer.  My TiVo list is very long, but nothing is actually being broadcast.  Wasn't Sleepy Hollow supposed to come back for a short 4 or 6 episodes???  PBS Mystery has quite an interesting line up "coming soon".

Did two gigantic planters today, 4 tall ones and two window boxes.  I was "awash" in mud and dirt all day and swept the floor more times than I can count.  And I appreciated the large hot coffee our college girls got for me at 2 pm.  Those girls.  I just love them.


Anonymous said...

Longmire season 2 is on Netflix now,streaming. Yay!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Your pansies are lovely, they must be happy that summer is staying away for awhile.