Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This Weekend Marks The (Real) Beginning Of Garden Season

G has been doing most of the "heavy" lifting around here, in the garden.  I did manage to get the beds properly put to bed in October.  Which made getting the garden started much easier than in the past.

The garlic looks promising.  Bigger, greener and more robust.  The red and yellow onions still look thin.  My turnip seeds have sprouted (on the toilet paper) as have French breakfast radishes and what looks to my eyes---like carrots.   The kale seeds are doing well--third and fourth leaves on tiny plants.

The herb garden is doing well.  Thyme is greening up.  Two thin shoots of tarragon.  Sage is struggling.  Lemon grass is dead.  Borage is seeding itself in many places.  Fennel has true leaves. Looks like my calendula seeds have sprouted.  The mint has escaped the herb bed and is marching up the path.  Smells minty when I step on it.  I may have some dill.  Still too tiny to tell for sure.  Way too many chives.  With purple flower buds. No nasturtiums.

Fava beans and peas (snap and sugar) are up.  Time to plant the pole beans.  I brought home soil so I can break up the 12 packs of pepper seedlings and repot.  Yellow for my daughter and green and jalapeño for me.  Cabbages and B. sprouts are still alive but not growing.  Much.

The nights here are cold still.  The days are overcast with breaks for sunshine.  I am still wearing my lightest weight thermals under my work tees.  7am and 6pm are brisk and chill me to the bone.

The knee.  I wore the brace to work today and took my full 30 minute break with my leg up, resting on a chair seat.  I'm doing everything on my list of things to do for my knee.  Elevation, grapefruit, compression, lots of water.   Less pain.  Less swelling.  Still having trouble sleeping.

We tried the Amerikans--- season two, episode one.  Netflix no longer has season one and Amazon wants $1.99 per episode.  I thought there was way too much nudity, sex, violence and tackiness--but I understand it's the 70's.  Everything was ugly in the 70's.  So, not for us.  I sorted through the Netflix catalog and couldn't find anything I was interested in.

That's it for today.  G grilled dinner today.  Corn (Bobby Flay), grilled summer squash and portabella mushrooms.  I think dessert will be rhubarb crisp bars.  Haircut tomorrow.


Paula, the quilter said...

Around here it really isn't safe to plant anything until after Mother's Day. This year even that axiom isn't true. Did you hear about the 8" of hail Denver got yesterday? It was as deep as a snow storm. The siding companies will be busy in our state for a while -- hail alley, that's us. Now imagine what that does to a plant. There were some younger trees stripped bare of leaves :-( I am soooo itching to plant but the garden things are in and out of the garage for protection.

Jan said...

I urge you not to cross The Americans off your list, especially if the first season becomes more readily available at some point. Yes, the sex was a bit too graphic for me, too, but if you start from Season 1, episode 1, I think you'd come to appreciate that it's absolutely the most riveting, well-plotted show on tv right now. We just got in last night from 10 days in NE for a family wedding and immediately sat down to catch the last 2 episodes of Season 2, which aired while we were away. Plot twists, moral dilemmas, interesting characters balancing personal challenges with professional ones (being international spies and all) ~ really quite fabulous.