Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Favorite Zinnias

Each season I venture into the neighborhood Lowe's in search of these zinnias.  I saved seed from the ones I bought three or four years ago and grew, exactly, three last summer.  But they were wonderful. This year I went into Lowe's hoping to find a replacement Butterfly Bush.  Ours had lead us to believe it had died.  (which isn't exactly true)  While looking for the Butterfly Bush I noticed many many carts of "new stuff" waiting to be unpacked.  Way up on the tippy top, were the zinnias.  So I bought two 12 packs.  With a little handle for easier carrying.

I bumped into two greenhouse customers (my work) as I was walking in.  One said "oops!"   Hey, we don't have everything even I want to buy.

I also have 6 new seedlings which I managed to germinate and grow under lights from that saved seed.  A bounty of zinnias to plant in my yard.

Today was very busy at work.  The holidays.  Friday I filled five huge containers with every color of flower I could find.  And the customers left me a thank you note.  They loved the boxes.  Not much custom work to do today, but I did squeak one in at 4 pm.  A customer brought in her window boxes (4 very large ones), still full of dirt, and I filled them with pink, purple, blue and magenta.  They looked amazing.

Tuesday I have three big orders to work on.  Two huge pots for one client.  Four interesting containers for another and two window boxes for a Pilates instructor who has come back three years in a row now for her deck boxes.  Each showed me an example on their phone.  I wrote down the "color story" and noted a few of the important plants.

So Tuesday is going to be a super special day for me.  Can't wait.

I have a list of chores for the holiday tomorrow.  Everyone else at work is working but I have the day off.  So I can "work" at home.  A rhubarb pie is planned and perhaps dinner off the grill.  I think it'll be a nice day.  G will be running across the street to hose down the "repair grass" he installed for the neighbor.  I think my friend Patty is stopping by for a visit.  I should think of something to make her to eat.  A busy Monday.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Did your butterfly bush die all the way to the ground, then send up a shoot? Tough winter. Love those sweet little zinnias. Zinnias tend to get powdery mildew here, so I don't often get them.