Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Am Loving Bead Board

This little cottage has bead board on the walls in each and every room.  To draw things together. do you think bead board would be able to "draw together" the parts of my life????

My knee continues to be a problem.  Fine in the morning and swollen and aching by lunch.  Today, well, it is too soon to say, but I seem to have reached the tipping point.  Not worse.  Up until today, each day was worse than the one before.  Could have been the big orange pill I took.  Spacey.

I stopped to purchase a knee brace.  I don't think it's large enough to fit around my knee.  But, I might not need it if I have, indeed, passed the worst of it.  Ankle is still swollen.  Retaining water.  And that is some of the problem.  The pain pills come with side effects.  Like kidney issues.  Like liver issues. So, I try to do without pain meds as best I can.  Which probably is just making things worse.

Today--the orange pill.  Tomorrow????  Who knows.

Today was full of surprises from an unexpected source.  I guess this is to be expected.  When one child gets things back together, parents should expect the other child to have things fall apart (so to speak).  G and I can just stand back, listen and be there to help if needed.

It would have been wonderful if my parents had been like that.

On the ride home, I asked G where and when we had done laundry in our first home ( a little vintage house trailer in a field of grass).  He didn't remember.  Couldn't think where there had even been a laundromat in our college town.   I have absolutely NO memory of doing laundry in the first year of marriage.  G asked if that meant we never did laundry.  ??????

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