Saturday, May 17, 2014

Guess What? It Rained!!

Yes, we had cooler temps and more rain last night and today.  But here it is 5 pm and, while wet outside--it isn't raining.  G and Riley got a walk in during a "lull" and I rested my leg (it seemed like the thing to do) and watched the PBS cooking line up.  Martha made onion soup and crackers on her two shows.  Two things I actually love.  She made Cheezits.

I cooked today.  Made Smitten Kitchen's Rhubarb Strawberry Bars.  I had everything all week but just never enough time.  So, this morning, with that first cup of coffee, I cut up rhubarb into cubes, then the strawberries and mixed up the oats with flour and brown sugar.  I also melted one and a half sticks of butter.  I don't make these recipes (ever before) just because I am very miserly with butter.  One and a half sticks (for most of my cooking life) is just too much butter.  Too expensive.

I am not miserly with any other ingredients.  Just butter.  I have no history to refer back to--to give me an indicator of why.  Perhaps, in another lifetime, butter, rubber bands and socks were in short supply?

The Bars are delightful.  A bit crumbly but since I intend to eat them with my lunchtime yogurt--crumbly is okay.

Second.  I made a big potful of spaghetti sauce.  G has had to manage this week with only what he could make himself or order as takeout.  G is very excited to be having a good home cooked meal tonight.  And there will be leftovers.  I am happy to have removed a few items from the over crowded freezer and pantry.  No shopping involved.

Third.  I hope to put together a big "frittata" or "quiche" with (some) of the dozen eggs in the fridge.  I stopped eating my normal bacon and two fried eggs for breakfast (salt causes swelling) and have neglected the eggs.  I think a nice wedge of eggs baked with vegetables will be good to eat with a salad.  I think I liked quiche at one time.  I know I liked the German bacon and onion tart a great deal.  But that might not be the one to start with.  Perhaps Lorraine?

Fourth.  The knee continues to hurt (the knee brace is helping) and my calf muscle is swollen and hard as a rock at the end of a long work day.  By bedtime, it's back to normal.  I think the calf muscle is "D" in the pathway this particular injury is taking.  Next up will be my ankle.  I can feel it coming but I have an excellent brace for ankle troubles.  "A" was the hip.  As long as everything is moving south and not north.  Wednesday was the worst day so far.   Each day since has been better.

Fifth.  My garden chores have been neglected.  I have pepper plants to repot.  I have petunias to plant. I want to seed a few trays of parsley, dill and four o'clocks.  My tomato seedlings have managed to make real tomato leaves but they are so far behind but G has made me hoops so I can always cover them in October to get a later harvest.

Six.  I'm glad I rested today.  On my last day off I helped G spread mulch on one of his jobs.  I felt okay but then I felt terrible on Wednesday.  I need to take better care of myself.  Rest more.  Enjoy just sitting and doing nothing with my leg elevated.  So, I am going to return to my chair and rest some more while G makes pasta and gets dinner ready.

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