Monday, May 19, 2014

Memorial Day Project

On Sunday, I helped a number of elderly customers select plants for grave side remembrances for family members.  Each was visibly upset when thinking of what happens when they pass.  Who will take care of placing flowers (usually simple geraniums).  Will their loved ones (moms, aunts, fathers, children) go without flowers?  No flowers to acknowledge that someone remembers and misses the family members.

I think the internet could help with this.

But I don't have the  understanding of the internet or Facebook or Twitter to get anything working.  Do any of you, Readers, know how to go about getting an "exchange" going?

There must be people living in different states, not able to visit the graves on Memorial Day.  This could be a website where someone living in Maine takes care of "A's" family in Maine and "A" takes care of someone else's family in Ohio etc.  A round robin of sorts.

What do you think?

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diane said...

I think it's brilliant. I had been debating whether to make the long trip to the cemetery this year because I am the only one who remembers it and the cost falls solely on me to do all the graves. Nobody else cares or has interest. I have gone from grumbling to grateful for the opportunity to do it thanks to your blog today.