Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Gardening When Someone Else Is Paid To Built and Fill

Here are the raised beds.  Notice the plumbing (copper) in the corners of each bed, the pebble divides and the copper tape over the edges to keep slugs away.   Also notice that all the vegetable and herbs were purchased in what looks to be 4 and 6 inch containers.  Larger pots of things are waiting at the back edges.

Here it is planted and growing.  Instant garden.  And from the text that came with the pictures, maintained by someone else, as well.  All the home (garden) owner needs to do is pay the bills and enjoy. This is a California garden.

The Marie Antoinette of Gardens. I saw one of these on a visit to Sonoma Wine Country.  I had the impression that before the garden owner arrived from the city for a long weekend, the paid gardener visited and planted fully ripened tomato and eggplant PLANTS into the garden so the homeowner had something to "harvest"as she walked in the garden with her coffee or wine.  The owner gifted me with all the eggplant as we walked in the garden before dinner.  Salmon with a butter sauce using a full pound of butter eaten on the patio overlooking a clear view of Oakland in the distance.  Closer to us was the infinity pool.  Yes, I have mingled with the very rich.

 I think I prefer the messy-ness of my own homemade garden even as I enjoy G doing all the heavy lifting.  Though some things will not germinate (carrots) and others have already gone to seed (bok choy and kale) I managed one head of lettuce and my usual riot of arugula.  The borage is squeezing out everyone else and the mint is still in pots waiting for me to let it loose to ravage the herb bed.  This will be quite the match.  Borage versus mint.  The thyme seems to be resting this year after taking control the past few years.  I cut the chives back very hard.  Only one sprig of tarragon lives.  Monarch caterpillars are living in the dill.  The herb bed is very lively this summer.  I even have a spittle bug.

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