Thursday, June 01, 2006

Where Did May Go?

I've been in a creative dead zone most of May and now it's gone. May that is; I can only hope the creativity is on it's way back to me. There are changes going on in my life and my husband's and I don't do well with change. I usually *worry* about things that never happen and get myself all messed up. Control issues???

Today--the eye doctor for a new prescription and then the choosing of new glasses. I always admire the fashionable frames that others have chosen for themselves. The frames seem to be directly related to their personality. Little circle frames. Long rectangular frames. Colors. Jazzy. Mine always look so pedestrian. I try on the jazzy ones and the salesperson makes the "no, I don't think so" face. It doesn't help that I have trifocals. My distance and near visions are so far apart that I need a third, middle vision, to make them work together and allow me to read labels on soup cans at the grocery store. A very important feature. (?)

Later today the orthopedic appointment to assess my hip and the pain there in. Oh, the aches and pains of aging. I did manage to mow the grass yesterday. All 10,000 feet of it. Took 90 minutes and the hip did okay. I insist on a walking mower--no riding mower. Excercise is good. My tomatoes are planted--the poor things were shivering yesterday--but today will be warmer. My zucchini and butternut squash seeds are planted in their respective hills. I have soil to amend before I can plant my beans and cukes. The getting up and down on my knees is a killer. But I do love my garden. I could do without the mosquitos and black flies.

I have been traveling our blog ring and noticing the trend of cleaning up the work space and getting rid of accumulated "stuff". One blogger painted her workspace the most gorgeous aqua blue and arranged her things artfully on shelves. I was lost in the beauty of her space. Another has had new tables made--with wheels. I just love that. My space is dark, cluttered and uninviting. That's why I dislike going in there. Paint and rolling tables won't fix what's wrong in there. Maybe I should just choose another room in the house?


Deb R said...

I can't believe it's already June either. Sheesh!

What's the photo of? It's pretty!

Sonji Hunt said...

Yes, that photo is pretty. What is it please?

Joanne, you should paint your walls. Mine are bright yellow and I love it. The computer room is some form of Turquoise that my husband chose. I thought he was nuts, but it's inspiring. Just paint around everything that's in there. It might get you going a little bit. I did that in a room once, then I felt so bad that I was too lazy to move things and ended up shoving it all to the center of the room and getting the walls painted. I hated doing it at the time, but I'm still proud of myself to this day.