Friday, June 16, 2006

All The News

Car News:
I'm a very happy Mainer today. Sunny skies and no rain. Breezy, so the mosquitos had a tough time getting a good bite. And Bruce from Atlantic Motorcar has fixed my little car. I promised Bruce a bit of blog publicity. I picked up my car this morning and immediately put the ragtop down and the radio volume up and drove home. " Life is a Highway"

Thrift News:
The above snapshot is of my thrift jars filled with my pens and pencils. Notice the lids. What about them????

Another thrift find-- five croquet balls. They fit nicely into my *not quite round* wooden bowl. In other parts of the US, these would have cost 25 cents each but here in Maine -- $1. Why ???

Fabric News:
I also stopped to buy fabric on the way to pick up my car. Well, really it was several miles PAST my car, but I was on my WAY to the car. I purchased white cotton duck to make a slipcover for a wing chair. I got cording also. This is either going to be a wonderful "home dec" experience or an awful waste of lovely white fabric. The clerk was super helpful and had a chart with pictures of upholstered furniture and how much fabric you would need to make a slipcover. I'll take pictures of before, during and after for you. Even the embarrassing stuff.

Garden News:
I stopped at the local plant place and got new butternut squash seeds. Something ate all the little baby squash plants before I could put little protective paper rings around them. I also bought some lettuce seedlings. I've never tried to grow lettuce. Of course we are supposed to have a "heat wave" this weekend---not good for lettuce, it "bolts". I got celery also. Wonder what heat does to it? I kind of treat the garden like one huge science experiment. Because really I never know what's going to happen.

We're pulling out 18 perennials we planted last June-- Loew's special for $3.33 each-- which are well and truly dead and taking them back for the "One Year/Money Back" refund. I have the sales slip. That should be fun at the service desk. Another 12 made it and are doing spectacular (just so Loew's doesn't think I'm complaining).

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PaMdora said...

I love photos of art supplies. They make my heart sing!